Oh, Drama!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

A fun short story about complications and drama.

“Caellum! Cal, wait for me!” Shiro cried, jamming his fiction novel into his stuffed backpack and hurried to catch alongside his childhood friend. Shiro had been feeling awfully strange lately. For some reason there had been several awkward moments between the two friends, but it all happened recently. Aside from this year, no other memory of moments like that ever occurred before, Shiro thought. There was almost a sense that his Caellum was drifting away, he felt. It seemed like Caellum was growing up and going on his own, not caring whether Shiro joined him or not.

He came along side Caellum, but with a loss for words. What was he supposed to say now? A long walk to school in silence was not what he had planned. Maybe Caellum would say something first, but he shouldn’t count on that. Caellum isn’t one to strike up a conversation. It was nice when Shiro would want to tell stories or talk about his day and he wouldn’t interrupt.

“Cal?” Shiro finally said. “Is everything okay?”

“Hmm?” He glanced over sideways with his endless blue eyes that must have swallowed the ocean up inside them. Shiro could just see the dolphins racing around his dark pupils. “What is it, Shiro?” He didn’t seem annoyed, more like bored.

“Is everything alright…With you?” Shiro asked hesitantly, brushing aside a strand of pale blonde hair.

Caellum rotated his head more to face Shiro’s. His face was marked with uneasiness behind the dark hair that fell without reason or direction over his forehead. His face was thin and smooth with no sign of stress but worries definitely worry. “Yeah, everything’s fine. Why do you ask?” That was an unusual reply, by Caellum. He is usually more to the point and sometimes come off rude. 

“Well, it’s just that…” Shiro couldn’t find the words to explain his disarray. “You seem…ambitious about something.” He guessed.

“Ambitious?” He aimed his eyes back to the street ahead of them.

“Okay, maybe not ambitious, but maybe it’s distant.” Shiro didn’t know how his friend would reply. He glanced at the leaves that crunched under their dull shoes leaving broken shards and remnants of dry the dry life to fly away like ash.

“You can tell?” He almost whispered, speaking softly, but just loud enough for Shiro to hear. His tone changed by adding more anxiety and tenseness.

“Cal!” Shiro cried accusingly. “You mean you’re doing that on purpose?”

“Well, Shiro, listen, we’re growing up. We’ve done everything together, you know that. We’re going to go out into the world without one another and I figured we’d both benefit from a further separation so we know how to live alone in the future.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We can’t follow each other everywhere we go anymore?”

“That’s stupid.” Shiro laughed facing the school as it approached in the horizon.

“What?” Caellum seemed surprised at Shiro’s reaction.

“I said, ‘that’s stupid’.” Shiro said again. He noticed Caellum’s cheeks flush a salmon color. “That just sounds like some lame excuse for something.”

“Oh? And what kind of excuse might that be?” Caellum looked slightly taken back by the conversation.

“I don’t know. You won’t tell me, but I can tell that there is something.

“Then just forget it.” He faced forward again, Shiro’s eyes weighing heavy on his dear friend with concern. Caellum’s cheeks still glowing and his eyebrows shifted down in the center looking sharply ahead with concentration.

“Why won’t you tell me? Is it a secret?” Shiro grew even more interested and more curious than before, like anyone would be in his case.

“Oh, look. We’re here.” Cal replied, his eyes on the school. Shiro knew there was no way of getting him to talk on the subject any further. Time for some planning. There had to be a way to get him to cough it up. Unfortunately, school was not the easiest place for that. It would have to wait until after.


Shiro was the last one out of class like any other day. He finished packing up his English papers into a folder and crammed it the best he could into his unorganized backpack. If he was looking forward to becoming a detective when he grows up, he better get more structured.

“Shiro, is everything alright?” Mitsuki-sensei asked politely, rounding her desk to face him better. “You seemed more quiet than usual.”

“Oh, sorry Sensei. My friend has been acting weird lately and he won’t tell me what’s wrong, so I’m trying to get to the bottom of this.” Shiro zipped up the last of his belongings and swung his backpack onto his back.

“Oh, I see. Hmm. Perhaps you could…no…It’s Caellum Natsuwara isn’t it?” Shiro nodded walking up the line created by the desks as he neared her. “Well, it’s hard to get anything out of that boy.”

“It’s okay, Mitsuki-sensei. I think I got this.” Shiro smiled, as he exited the room. He could feel her watch, worried, as he left. Could it be that serious? Shiro’s mind drifted through any possibilities. Is he being bullied? On drugs? Being hurt at home? Bad relations with his family? Guessing was not going to get him anywhere.

There he was: Caellum. He was tense looking as he tried to relax on one of the benches that ringed around a large scarlet oak tree. A soft chilly wind passed, brushing Cal’s dark hair to hide his blue eyes in a mysterious way. Many of the students had already gone to their clubs, sports, or started heading home, leaving Shiro out in the open to walk the long distance to the benches. It never mattered in the end. Caellum didn’t even seem to notice, staring out into the open blue sky.

“Hey.” Shiro greeted as friendly as he could, given his suspicions about his friend.

Caellum stood without looking at him and started toward the street to begin walking home.

“Are you not going to talk to me now?” Shiro asked, shuffling after him. He didn’t speak. “Why would you wait up for me if you aren’t going to even say anything?” Shiro sighed. “We could talk about dogs.”

“I didn’t want you waiting for me if I already left.” He flushed, still looking forward.

Shiro followed his eyes for a second, noting the already emptiness of the streets. “Are you feeling okay?” Shiro questioned, turning back to his friend and his pink cheeks. “Possibly have a fever?” Maybe that’s why he is being so strange, Shiro thought. He reached his hand up, almost involuntarily, toward Caellum’s cheek with only concern, but Caellum reacted faster. He snatched Shiro’s wrist and whipped him around, slamming Shiro’s back against a nearby tree. He was still gripping tightly to his wrist, pushing it against the rough bark. His other hand was pushing Shiro’s opposite shoulder against the same scratchy surface. Shiro gasped in shock, staring straight ahead, but his friend’s eyes were shadowed and his head was lowered, but close, very close.


“Shiro. Stop it. Please. Just stop.” His words were pleading, begging, crying.

“What?” He didn’t know what he meant or what he was referring too. He didn’t want to complain about how much the jagged bark surface hurt against his back, realizing his bag was only hanging on by one shoulder, leaving his shirt the only defense against the trunk of the tree. Caellum continued to squeeze his thin wrists.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Caellum released Shiro and backed away, his face still hidden by shadow. Something sparkled on where his cheek should have been. A tear?

“Caellum, what’s wrong? Please tell me!” Shiro cried, leaving the tree and dropping his heavy bag into the short grass patches of someone’s yard.

“Stop it, Shiro! I said stop!” Caellum finally flicked his head back up.

“‘Stop’ what? What am I doing? Please! I care about you Caellum. Why are you being like this?! You’re so difficult sometimes.”

“Shut up, Shiro! Just shut up.” Caellum tossed his thinner bag more comfortably on his back and continued down the street without looking back. “We can’t be friends anymore.” Shiro heard him say. “Find your own way to school and back. Don’t wait up for me anymore.”

“Caellum…what are you saying…why are you saying these things…” Shiro was never the best at making friends, but he and Caellum were already friends before they even realized it. They had been like brothers, the best of friends, and then he just goes and tells him they can’t be friends anymore? Shiro’s mind and heart were racing in fear. What if this was the last he would ever see Caellum.

They were nearing Shiro’s home. It was Monday, so no one was home at the time. “Caellum…” he said just before stopping in front of the short path that led to the front door. Caellum actually stopped to Shiro’s surprise. He didn’t turn around, however. “That’s not how friendship works.” He didn’t say anything, but his head turned slightly, but not enough to see his face. “You can’t just decide this on your own and toss me aside.”

“I’m sorry Shiro.” He said before starting off again.

“No!” Caellum stopped again. “No you are not sorry. Don’t even say that! What is wrong with you?! If something’s bothering you, just tell me! What are you so afraid of?! That I’m going to get mad at you? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m already there!”

“It’s not that easy, Shiro!” Caellum cried, twisting around, his fists balled and his face upset.

“I don’t care what it is, honestly. Just let me help you, please.” Shiro begged.

“You can’t Shiro.” Caellum was quiet once again.

What could possibly have been hurting him like this? Shiro thought. He had known Caellum for so long and never did he see him get this upset with him. “How do you know?”

“Becaue I know the problem and I know you, and I know there’s nothing either of us can do except to stop being friends.” Caellum breathed.

“And what would a friendship have to do with anything?! What sort of problem could that possibly have for you?! What?! Am I an embarrassment to you?! Are you embarrassed to be seen with me, Cal?! Am I—?”

“I love you!” Both grew suddenly quiet after Caellum’s outburst. They grew beyond still—frozen, like a winter pond in Canada.

Shiro stared baffled and wide-eyed. Did he hear what he thought he heard? Or perhaps it wasn’t what he thought his friend meant by that. “You…you…love me? Like…love, love?”

“God, Shiro.” Caellum brushed a nervous hand through his dark hair, his body facing Shiro’s, but his face turned to the side and lowered once more.

“I don’t…understand…”

“How much more simple can I make this?” Caellum stalked back toward Shiro, irritation in his voice. He looked annoyed. “I love you.” He said again more quietly. “That’s why we can’t hang out together, alright? It’s wrong. Besides, my parents would kill me if I told them such a thing. You’re the only one who knows and you’re the only one who will ever know, got that?”

“But…but…Cal…” Shiro was speechless. He didn’t know what to say, but who would? How is he supposed to respond to something like that? Caellum is his friend and he would do anything in his power to keep it that way, but now it’s just like he is being blackmailed. If he agreed and let Caellum walk away, their friendship would be terminated. If he accepts his ‘love’, then they would be more than friends and that’s not what he planned on either.

“Cal…please, don’t go. I don’t know what to do.” Shiro whined. “Why can’t we still be friends?” He sobbed reaching for Caellum like an upset child.

“That’s just too hard for me, Shiro. I’ve been trying all these years, but as I get older, it’s only getting more difficult. It hurts me, Shiro. Please understand that.” He sighed, waiting for Shiro to accept what he had been telling him. “I urge to hold your hand or touch your cheek, to kiss your lips, or even hold you in my arms.” Shiro didn’t know how to respond to something like that. He remained quiet for the time being, but he understood what Caellum was trying to tell him. “Do you see, now? To stand beside the one you love, but never be able to express it? I don’t know why it happened, it just did. Man or women, though, I’ve fallen for you. At least if I leave, I can spare you this and save you from any humiliation or—.”

“No, Cal. I’d rather have you and be with you like that then live without you.” Shiro’s own words took him by surprise. He wasn’t sure what he was getting into, but there was no way he would let the most important person in his life just walk out on him forever.

“What?” Cal, too, looked surprised, even in the wind in his voice that sucked up air as he questioned Shiro. “Shiro, do you know…”

“I don’t care if you do any of those things to me. Just please, don’t leave me all alone.” Shiro begged, throwing himself into Caellum’s arms. It took a moment before Caellum processed everything to bring his arms around Shiro.

“Are you sure?” Caellum asked hesitantly.


Submitted: January 26, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Brooke Chicoine. All rights reserved.

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