this is about the after shock and feelings of a death of a pesron that ment alot to you. a person that you wre close to as a friend,family member or a lover.

when im asleep
i see you in my mind
i feel your breathe on my cheek
i hear your voice like music to my ears.
when im asleep
i dont feel the pain you left me with
i feel alive and my happiness start to lift
thinking of when this dream to end.
when im asleep
my heart starts to mend
as i can touch your face
and feel it on my hand.
when im asleep
my life starts again
a different emotion runs through my veins
love tears through my heart.
when im awake
i feel the damage you have done
i cant see
or touch you
i  feel like my heart is on the run
nothings better
everythings worse.
when im awake
your not there with me
to help
to guide
to push me along
your embedded in my mind
with your spirit to be
the only things left with me. 

Submitted: April 30, 2010

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