Fighting for Hanoka City

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Raine had always been a person who believed strongly in justice. But what will happen when he becomes the bad guy?

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012




Fighting for Hanoka City


There is good, and then there is evil. It’s quite simple really; there are people who commit crimes, and then, there are people, like me, who stop them. The two are complete opposites and the line between them is crystal clear, or at least it’s supposed to be. I used to believe all this to be true, but it’s not.


My name is Raine and I have done horrible things. I have gone against everything I have ever stood for. I have disobeyed my masters every command and committed crimes, but  I didn’t always act like this. I’m sorry, I’m probably confusing you. I guess I should probably start at the beginning, so you can understand.


It was just like any other morning here in the city of Hanoka. I guess you could say Hanoka City was boring, because nothing out of the ordinary ever happened here. Life here was routine: people got up, went to work or school and came home. That day the sun had been shining, and the sound of people making their daily commute to work could be heard over the dull roar of my stereo.  


The other teens in my apartment building could also be heard getting ready for school, but not me. You see, I had never really been a normal teenager. While the guys in my grade chase after girls, I chase after criminals. Other teens spent their weekday mornings drinking orange juice, making sure their homework was done, and getting ready for school. I spent my mornings on the computer looking at the crime rate in Hanoka City and looking for crimes that had recently occurred. Everything seemed to be normal except for the mysterious murders that kept popping up. Even though I was just a high school student, I was also a detective and had access to all of the criminal records and reports in the city.


The alarm I had set for eight AM every weekday went off, signifying that I had to go to school. As I stepped outside the sky darkened. Suddenly, everything went silent; it was quite unsettling really. As I looked around, I noticed everyone seemed to be frozen in place. It was a scary sight, what was happening? This couldn’t be real it had to be a dream. At the time I had tried to make a scientific connection, because after all I was a man of science.

What happened next was unexpected. I heard someone laugh. “So you are the all mighty Raine Acura I have heard about. You were the last person I expected would be immune to my kekai invention,” said the mysterious girl.  


“What? Who are you?” I said, utterly amazed because this girl wasn’t frozen like the rest of them. Just as quickly as the girl appeared, she disappeared, and when she disappeared time was restored. And people went on with their lives like nothing happened.


I was afraid to ask others if they felt time freeze, because they would probably think I was crazy. That was the least of my worries though. Who was this crazy girl? How did she know my name? What was that kekai invention of hers? I decided to skip school and investigate the mysterious phenomenon. I dashed up the stairs and headed for my room.


I turned on my computer and opened up the internet. I typed Kekai Invention into the search engine and waited for the results. I clicked on an article entitled: Vivian Vade Vanished After Government Stops Funding. The article talked about a scientist named Vivian Vade, who looked exactly like the girl I had seen earlier. She was working on an invention named Kekai. It was made to freeze time, but when the government found out her plans, they ceased all fundings.


She had planned to annihilate anything that dared threatened our peaceful city. While building this invention, she became demented and decided to get rid of Hanoka City’s government and all the criminals who resided in our city. Even though her intentions seemed noble, they were still wrong. Was she the person behind all the mysterious murder cases? Did the government even know she had succeeded in making her Kekai machine?


I felt as if it were my duty to find out. Quickly, I grabbed my phone, pen, and notebook and ran out the door; before leaving I had made sure that the pen was hidden in my sleeve. I headed out of my apartment building  towards City Hall. Surely, they would believe me: I had never told a lie, I was a good boy. The mayor even awarded me the key to the city. As soon as the building was in view I sprinted to it, and ran through the door straight to the mayor’s office.


I never needed to ask to see the mayor; I was always told to walk right in. “Mayor West, Vivian Vade succeeded in making her time freezing invention!” I almost yelled as I desperately grasped for air. The mayor looked utterly shocked at my intrusion, but then he looked panicked.


“Who told you such nonsense boy. There is no such thing as a time freezing ray!” West retorted as he fiddled with something that was under his desk. I had never seen him so worked up. I knew he was hiding something. I heard the door behind me open, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Since, the Mayor always has someone in the room to protect him.


“Yes there is! I have seen it in action. Why are you accusing me of lying,” I said as calmly as I possibly could. Suddenly, someone grabbed me from behind. I thrashed around violently, but I wasn’t strong enough to escape his grasp. “Let go of me,” I yelled, “Help me Mayor West!” He ran towards me, and I felt relief run through me.


I was glad he was going to help.  He quickly put a funny smelling cloth in my face. That was when I realized that he wasn’t helping me at all! He was working for Vivian. The last thing I heard before blacking out was, “Good Work”.  


When I awoke, I was sitting in an empty room chained to rusty chair that was bolted to the floor. The only light came from a dim light bulb that hung above me. What had happened? How did I even get here? I was still groggy from the drug I had been given. The door infront of me was thrust opened revealing a shadowy man. He slowly walked forward into the light.


To my surprise it was Zayn Hallow who stood before me. Zayn had been the only other student my master had ever taught. He had disappeared after learning everything my master had to teach us. Why had he popped up all of a sudden and why was he working for the wrong side?  “ Raine, it has been years since I last saw you,” Zayn said.


“What? What are you talking about,” I asked, groggily. Then everything that had happened earlier came back to me. “Zayn! Let me out of here. You have to help me stop Vivian Vade. She built this time freeze ray thing and is planning on killing people” I told him quickly. Of course Zayn had to help, because he had also sworn an oath with Master Brannon and me. It stated that we would do anything to protect the citizens of Hanoka City. Zayn started to laugh. Why was he laughing?


“I have to say Raine, when I found out the truth I was very impressed. Who would have ever thought that a studios high school boy could be the mastermind that was trying to stop us. All this time I had no idea of the measure you would take to satisfy the justice seeking power that lurking inside you. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?” Said Zayn as he laughed.


My eyes had widened in surprise when I realized he was working with them. “Zayn, why are you working for the bad side? Have you been working with Vivian Vade ever since you left Master Brannon and me? Master Brannon would be disappointed with you, if he knew you were using our acquired knowledge for evil.” I yelled angrily. He was supposed to be good. Master Brannon only taught those who would use the knowledge to better society.


“Poor Raine. You just don’t get it do you. Can’t you see that I am helping the citizens. By getting rid of the criminals and oppressors in this city, Vivian and I have given them more freedom. By getting rid of criminals I have given people a better sense of security. I’m only doing this to make the city a safer and happier community for people to live in,” Zayn answered.


Did he really believe he was helping people or was he tricked into thinking he was? Didn’t he understand he would be hurting many families whose relatives were in jail. Would he be willing to kill an innocent person that were only put in jail for being in debt. “You were part of the murders, aren’t you,’ I mumbled.


“You are really as smart as Mayor West told us. I personally always thought you were a dim witted child, but I guess I have been proven wrong,” he said as his pager went off. “Well duty calls.” After saying that he left. Now was my chance to escape.


Luckily, I still had the pen in my sleeve, and this pen was no ordinary pen. It doubled as a short knife. I tried my hardest to get the knife pen out of my sleeve, and luckily the arm restraints were loose enough that I could easily slip the pen up to my hand. I expertly cut the ropes, and never in my life had I been so happy about learning how to do something in detective school. I quickly sawed through all the restraints. Now I had to find out where I was.


I ran towards the copper colored door directly in front of me. As I swung the door open, I noticed pictures of past mayors. I had to be in the basement of the City Hall building. A little light came from the small windows that lined the hall. Animals that had been ran past the window suddenly froze. “Oh no, they must have activated the machine. They must be planning to kill another person,” I said as I sprinted to the end of the hall.


I tried listening for any noise that would give away their location. Then I heard it. I heard a feminine voice telling someone what to do. I made dash for the door I had heard the voices coming from. Boy, for being villains, they didn’t have very good security. Without thinking I had burst through the door. The people in the room panicked at my sudden intrusion. “How did you get out of those restraints,” yelled the mad woman behind all of this mess.


“ It was quite easy really. I would think that you guys, being super villains and all, would have a better security system.” I cunningly replied.


“Zayn after him,” roared Vivian, “ I will not have some insignificant little boy ruin this! West you start up the disintegration ray and aim for the jail.” I knew they were up to no good. I saw Zayn tense up beside Vivian, but in the end he followed her orders. He approached me from across the room. Zayn’s dark curls framed his face. His grey eyes were smug and full of arrogance.


“Zayn.” I spat at him. His amused smile widened.


“Ahh, we meet once again. I doubt we will see eachother again after this, because this is a fight to the death,” he said, watching my face carefully. I forced my face to remain expressionless. All of a sudden he pounced on me. I tried to dodge and protect myself without hurting him. Sadly, fighting had  become unavoidable. I was forced to participate in the duel.


“I must warn you Raine, I am undefeated.” Zayn said, drawing his blade. Four feet of heavy and elaborately decorated iron blade.Where was he able to get such a weapon? The sight of it chilled me. My own two foot steel blade that I kept strapped to my lower leg seemed puny and insignificant compared to his.


Luckily, I was also trained in the way of the sword just like Zayn was. After all Master Brannon use to be a sword master before his tragic death. I stood my ground, prepared to defend myself. His next movements shocked me though. He took a few steps, stopped, took some steps to the left, stopped, and then took some steps to the right. He was trying to confuse me.


As I stood, attempting to comprehend his attack, he struck. His blade broke through my defenses and cut my left arm, drawing blood. The wound stung, but I ignored the pain, focusing on the task that lay ahead. I wasn’t going to give up so easily. I wasn’t going to let him destroy the jail. I struck his sword and pushed it away from me. How he managed to use such a long piece of heavy weaponry was beyond me.


Through all the fighting, I could hear the disintegration ray loading, but I wouldn’t be able to stop West until I finished Zayn off. Neither of us had the upper hand. Each of my jabs were blocked with his sword, every slash of his sword I stopped with my own blade. I took a risk, and attempted to scratch his face. He saw what I was doing, and took the opportunity to sacrifice his face and use the hilt of his sword knock all the air out of me. I felt the air escape my lungs, and I tumbled to the ground, landing on my back.


He stood over me, his blade pointed at my heart, smiling triumphantly. He allowed me to catch my breath, thinking I was finished. But I was far from it. I grabbed my sword and rolled to my feet, plunging my blade into his knee. He screamed in pain and struggled to keep upright. I quickly attacked him, the first rule in fighting was never give your foe a second chance. I had him cornered, he was done for, and with no mercy I ran my blade through his heart. “That was for shame you brought Master Brannon after his death,” I had said as I pulled the blade out.


By the time the fight was over, West and Vivian were long gone. They had been cowards and fled. The disintegration ray had been left unattended, and had destroyed half of the town and people by the time I destroyed it. I had also destroyed the time freezing ray. After everything was over with, I locked myself in a jail cell, where I planned to remain for the rest of my life, because after all I had murdered a human being. I never bothered to tell anyone what happened, though, and no one ever asked. No one really cared that I was in jail, either. Hanoka City was rebuilt and life went on as normal, it was as if nothing had ever happened.


My name is Raine and I have done horrible things. I have gone against everything I have ever stood for. I have disobeyed my masters every command and committed crimes in his name. I have betrayed and attacked those who used to be my colleagues. One-by-one I have destroyed people I used to call my friends. And with no one left to stop me, I had brought an entire city to its knees.


My name is Raine. I have done horrible things... and I have absolutely no regrets. I guess sometimes bad things have to be done in order to reach the goal of a better future. I was not entirely good anymore, yet I wasn’t entirely evil either. I was confused at the time, but not anymore, because I know that there is good and evil.


Sadly though, the line between them can be almost impossible to find. Was I good because I did horrible things in hope of creating a better future for the citizens of Hanoka? Or was I to blame, because I had put the city in the miserable state it was in? After all of this, all I know is that all of the answers don’t come easy. It was supposed to be simple, but it’s not.

© Copyright 2020 Brooke . All rights reserved.

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