I thought i needed you but i only need my self

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I realized I could only control my self and allow nothing to control me... this is not about a person

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



i thought i couldnt live without you
i felt like a couldnt breathe without you
and with out you i felt so empty
Like you filled my soul with light
I was incomplete with out you
I felt like i wasnt anything without YOU
But you got me so high that it took me so long to crash after i fell
Like i was free falling and it hurt more every foot down
And by time i was on the ground i didnt even remember where i fell from
Along with all the pleasure you brought me so much pain
But i never doubted that you were worth it so id do it all again
Soon i was all alone and my friends wouldnt see me
they said they saw the pain you brought me and it brought them pain that i couldnt see it my self
When i couldnt have you and no one wanted me i started to realize that for a moment i thought i was you and with out you i wasnt me
but my eyes opened and i saw you for what you really were
I didnt need you but i wanted you
I knew you were bad but i craved you
But i gave into so many times
it felt so good to give you up
I knew that if i saw you id be hooked again
so i spent so long away that now when you come around i can enjoy your company with out letting you get the best of me
I still think about you but im free from you and what you made me be
I know that your daily presence is what made me feel insane
but a random visit can always ease my pain

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