The Way Things are Now

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A girl grew up transitioning from a fantasy world, to the worl we live in now. Reality hits her hard as she goes back to the place that was once a comfort place, but now its the good memories that are haunting her most.

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



Im here. The moon reflects off the cracks in an old window as again, I find myself walking the halls of the small blue house on the corner of Sweet Lane.

Its been a while since I, or anyone in that matter; have visited thos old place. As a result of its abandonedness, dust covers the floor so thick it flows off the tip of my sneaker with every step.

Im alone. Its a dark, all too quiet place here. Here, where the little pitter-patter of barbie-pink toes could once be heard in the early morning. It was here that a woman dreams about raising a family, the home thats so perfect, peaceful, and full of love. Here, where the gardens looked best when left to grow wild and it didnt feel as much as a hame without a little clutter. Here, where happiness got the best pf every old grump that set foot within its walls. Here, a once perfect home.

I blinked myself out of  deep thought to come to realise i was standing in the doorway of an old dreary room. The only light was that of a street lamp pearing in through worn pink curtains covering a window in a corner. It smelled of dust and mold, it was so stuffy the air had a thick hunmid-like conisistancy that made it difficult to breathe. But yet, i continued to stand silently in the lifeless room.

I drew my attention to an old mattress lying in the center of the room. I stared at it for a moment, then with a flash of light i was suddenly lying on my back on the mattress wrapped in babt blue silk blankets. I looked around confused, it seemed to be morning. It no longer smelt of dust nor mold... as a matter of fact it smelt of warm vanilla and pumpkin spice. I layed there for quite some time trying to make sense of all this, but my attention was drawn to the opposite side of the room when i heard the sound of a creaking door. It startled me, but i seemed to calm down just as fast when the smell of moist buttery pancakes filled the room.

I lifted my head to see a small girl standinhg in the doorway. She was clothed in pink cupcake pajamas and by her hair, you knew she had just woken up. She had brown hair that fell to her shoulders and the most magnificent blue and gold eyes that could outshine the stars even if the world went black.

She stood there for a few seconds... then she smiled. All words escaped me, I was amazed at how such a small child could leave you breathless just by her mear presence. though she was still and silent, she was full of life.

She took a step towords me then the lights faded and all the emotions seemed to transition into what once was.

Snap out of it, its only a memory.

A tear gently swept down my cheek as I stood in the darkness of that old bedroom. I turned to walk back down the long dust covered hallway. This house was once a home, my home. Where dreams of a bright eyed child's farytale lands and pirate ships were lived to some imaginative extent. I ofeten wonder what it would be like if I could still be a child in this perfect home. But in the end, all good things fade away somehow.

I reach the end of the hall and come to the front door. I step outside and breathe in the smell of midnight mist. I knew i had to forget the memories this house haunted me with, I knew I had to let it all go. Sometimes its best to forget the great memories, because its those that hurt you until it becomes unbearable.

I step off that old porch, take one last look at that bittersweet house, and walk away leaving the memories where they belong and accepting the way things are now.

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