Are there werewolves in Brooklyn?

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Submitted: December 13, 2012

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Submitted: December 13, 2012



By Francis Walters

Witnesses say that werewolves have made thier way to a Brooklyn and it's neighborhoods. It was here on Graves street and Avenue O that 17 year old Matthew Erickson and his 12 year old cousin Draven Frankerson saw  what appeared to be a werewolf. " yes, this werewolf was about 5'4" tall and had black fur. It's eyes glowed yellow but as me and Draven approached it, it howled as if signaling the others. So we ran like little girls." said Matthew. Now for my own known research and fundamental knowledge werewolves are known  not to roam in cities but are indeed known to roam in forest areas and known to chase helpless injured people. Most of the wolves came from Eastern Europe and Asia, but to be in the United States or in Central, South america or in the Caribbean islands is new to my knowledge. Now they aren't the first to see a werewolf their have been other claims.


  One such claim was from  18 year old Callie Loyola who said that she actually filmed a werewolf that was seemingly jumping from one roof top to another as if chasing after something. " Yes, i  have seen them. I recorded one jumping from one roof top to another it was pretty weird. I never seen a werewolf jump from one roof to another, it certainly looked like that this werewolf was chasing after something or getting a better view of that something." As I reviewed the video you can't quite make out the werewolf form that is jumping from roof top to roof top.

Another claim has be issued just 2 days ago that 31 year old Tomas Rivera was walking home one day and where he was attacked by a man who wanted to rob him of his belongings said that " I was knocked out cold when i could've sworn that I saw something black like in the form a wolf or a dog protected me and snarled at the robber in which made the robber ran for his life. Then the wolf suddenly dissappeared never to be seen again." Now as prior to my knowledge for werewolves protecting the human race as if they were heroes is unknown to me. But if they do exist then I invite them to show me that they exist.


I leave it here for now,

Francis  Walters

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