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Boy leaves girl, not by choice.

Submitted: December 16, 2010

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Submitted: December 16, 2010



The rain began to fall around us, the streets were damp, I could see my breath in the night air. The fog was rolling in from the lake. It hurt. It hurt so much. I choked on my tears, trying to hold back. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent what we both knew would come, and this made it hurt all that much more. My white blonde hair was clinging around my face in wet clumps and stringing down to the center of my back in waves. His hands gripped my pale, cold arms hard. His forehead on mine as he stared hard into my bright blue eyes. Tears were pouring down my light cheeks, dripping off my rose pink lips and diving, head first onto the old asphalt. I clenched my teeth so my sobs wouldn’t come through. My knees were growing weak, my throat was on fire, my body was ice cold. I thought, this must be what death feels like. My heart pounding in my chest in unison with the clock tower in the distance. Our time was up. I let out one small sob and slowly sucked the air through my teeth. “Someday, everything will be okay for you.” His breath was hot on my ear. He kissed my forehead hard, gripped my hand and released. I watched as he disappeared into the damp, foggy night.

I trudged off down the dark, empty streets of the city back to my flat. I didn’t bother locking the door. I collapsed on the crimson canopy bed and slept. I hoped I wouldn’t wake up.

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