You can't escape my prison

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i am a poetess this is what i do i create curiosity

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



I am a writer stuck on mute

i am a poetess i chose sadness as my muse

i can paint pictures with my words

i can write worlds with a pencil and a combination of letters nouns and verbs

I am an artist

both arts are expressive but not always recognized

with a pen i can produce inky tears

describe to you an inky world hidious or beautiful

i can write things so ugly or so enchanting that you heart begins to ache and your eyes yearn to cry

i can make you feel different emotions with just a sentence

pen paper and words i can write swell my strong points i let my imagination dwell

reality a weak point like a sickly presence

i can captivate a wonderful paradise on a sheet of paper and keep it locked up in an inky asylum jail

i can draw you in and create suspense and i may never let you go

not all realize the depth of my words and i do still face the fact that i will never be known

i can though take of you intangible advantage because

i can hold you frigid in my transe enchanted and as i ponder

deeper in my mind i let my words dance and play and more ideas collide

writers i give division their work obscured because they are afraid to release it all

our work can't compare though i am deeply appeased

i won't be distracted and you'll al sink into my fallacy

and by my words you will abide and corruption will take over in timelesss tides

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