Lycanthrope lies: Introduction to the werewolf extinction

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The truth of the riding hood.
This is only part one. Part two comes A.S.A.P

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013



Little red droplets of blood poured from her skin. Soaking her once white bandana. Holding her silver pistol, she loaded her three remaining glass bullets filled with the blood of a vampiric. Being a lycan hunter had its perks. But she knew she couldn't do it forever. The toxins in her mortal blood gave her the needed supernatural ability to last aganst the strength and speed of a werewolf, but it slowly ate away at her. She had one hundred days of life, before the toxins became fatal. One hundred days to destroy the remaining five officers of the wolf-bane mystics. As she continued through the darkend forest, a growl betrayed the silence. She staired the wolf in the face, it's azure blue eyes gleaming in the tranced forest. Hastely, she held up her pistol, reflecting the brightness of the lycans gleaming eyes. As the sharp crack of the pistol humed in the air, the werewolf fell on its side, a bullet hole between the now lightless eyes. “One down. Four to go.” she wispered to the air.

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