Friends are understanding

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Scene: 2 boys start friends and end enemies. A script about the inner struggle between lust and love. Franklin: Represents lust. Franklin only likes women for sex and hates his "best" friend Scott. Scott: has been hiding behind Franklin for years but now that Franklin has stolen the girl of his dreams. Scott has finally got up the guts to stand up for himself. The two boys are also the same person.

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



(Two boys walk out stage right, obviously friends)

Franklin: Dude! I can't believe she said yes!

Scott: Haha... Ya... Me neither

Franklin: Hey, Scotty... Are you ok?

Scott: Ya, I'm fine

Franklin: Ok... Anyway, as I was saying, bro, I'm gonna have to get the bed ready. I've got a feeling that it's gonna get HOT in there

Scott: Wait... So your still gonna have sex with her even though she's still a virgin?

Franklin: That's WHY I'm gonna fuck her, man. I've never done a fresh girl before

Scott: Shut up!

Franklin: Wow, bro. Calm down. Why are you trippin'

Scott: You always get this way with hot girls... Well... Not this time.

Franklin: So what? You're going to stop me from fucking a girl who already said she'd go out with me?

Scott: Look... Every girl you sleep with ends up ugly and majorly depressed

Franklin: Ya so? Why is that my problem?

Scott: Well. If you had a shred of respect for this girl it wouldn't be!

Franklin: Why are you getting so pissy? What's it to you if I ruin a few chicks?

Scott: It's just not right that you're the player and I can't get a girl for my life!

Franklin: I've been doing this for years and you bring this up now! God you always get like this! Just when I get something good you've gotta ruin it!

Scott: The only things getting ruined here is your face if you even touch her!

Franklin: You're just being a bitch! They don't mean anything! Women are only good for 3 things: cooking, cleaning, and sex!

Scott: You bastard!

(Scott wrestles Franklin to the ground)

Franklin: What the fuck are you doing!

Scott: I'm not gonna let you hurt her!

Franklin: Why do you care?

Scott: (finally letting go) because I love her!

Franklin: ... Uh... What?

Scott: I love her, ok?

Franklin: You don't know what you're talking about

Scott: Yes.. I do

Franklin: No, you don't. You don't know shit. I'm the one who's been there your whole life cleaning up all your fucking messes.

Scott: That's bullshit! All you do is get wasted and have sex!

Franklin: And all you do, Scotty boy, is hide under you're fucking bed and run away from all your problems.

Scott: No... No you're wrong!

Franklin: don't kid yourself! You waited until the last minute to try and get the girl you supposedly love... And you can't even do that! When you were getting shoved into a locker who came and saved your ass? I did. When you were trying to get out of trouble with your folks, who vouged for you? I did. You’re a piece of shit that couldn't stay alive without my help. And as for this slut that you think you love. You don't love her, you're just like me, all you want to do is get into her pants.

Scott: I'm nothing like you!

Franklin: you're more like me than you'll ever know.

Scott: No I'm not. You know how I know? Cuz, last time I checked, I'm not a fucking prick like you.

Franklin: Ohoo... Now you've gone too far.(Franklin pulls out a knife) you know... I've always hated you.

Scott: Hey... Bro... C-c-calm down man. You don't wanna do this.

Franklin: Wrong again you piece of shit (he stabs Scott) See you in hell... Buddy

(Scott falls to the ground, dead. Franklin looks over his dead body in distain but wavers, then he also falls)

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