The mysterious murder of Ms. Wilson

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Nick is an average teenager until she is called on to spy on her best friend. Her best friend is supposed to be a person of interest in a murder case. Will Nick figure her best friend out? Will she find the truth?

Submitted: March 20, 2009

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Submitted: March 20, 2009



A normal day, like any other. I'm coming home from school and enter my driver's Ed. Class. Today I was supposed to drive in one of those student driver cars. I got in, my long hair brushing against the door. My school skirt hurt like hell though. The instructor had a clip board but, from the looks of it, it had nothing on it.

“Nicky?”He said. I nodded.

“Start the car.” He said. I did so. He took something from under his coat. It was a gun. He put it to my head.

“Drive to the interstate and take the first left.” He ordered. I knew there was something wrong with him! Even though I was at gun point, I felt proud of myself for sensing that. I strapped myself in.

“Don't you want to put your seatbelt on?” I asked. He just pushed the gun into my head.

“Fine.” I said. I drove to the interstate and slammed the acceleration. We sped down the interstate and I hit the break, making the gunman fly through the window.

“Told you.” I said as I walked away from the freak. I knew how to deal with people like that, but soon after that, when I was walking back to the building, two men grabbed me by the arms and slammed me in a van. I struggled against them but that didn't work.

“Hold still!” One of them said. The van started and they backed off.

“Look. I'm more bad than you guys can imagine so don't even try it.” I said, threatening them. One of the men took out a badge and showed it to me.

“CSI. We don't mean any harm. We just want to ask you some questions.” He said.

“Well, you know, there are better ways to get a girls attention.” I said. The two men blushed.

“Anyway.” The other one said, “Do you know a girl by the name of Kerry Underwood?” He asked. I nodded

“Ya. She's like my best friend.” I said.

“Well. This may seem like disturbing news but we believe that your friend is a witness, or otherwise the killer, in the death of a Ms. Mary Wilson.” He said.

“Ms. Wilson? But she's like our social studies teacher. How can Kerry kill her?” I asked. The two men nodded their heads.

“Her fingerprints were found at the scene as well as someone else's. It seems that there was a struggle. We need someone that is close to her investigate her. Find any evidence that would prove her innocence... Or her guiltiness...” He said. I didn't like how he said it. It was so... Creepy.

“I guess I'll do it then. I probably have no other choice, right?” I said. He nodded slowly making a face that said, “Ya... pretty much.”

* * *

The next day when I went to school, I found Kerry right away.

“Hey Kerry.” I said. She looked at me like something was wrong.

“What's wrong?” I asked. Now that I took a good look at her, it looked like she had been crying. I cocked my head to the right and looked at her face.

“Kerry,” I said. “Is there something wrong?” She looked at me solemnly.

“I...I broke up with Jacob.” She said. I gasped. Jacob had been her boyfriend since freshman year and they had been inseparable. In my opinion, I really didn't like him to start but I went along with it because Kerry seemed to like him.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Well... we... we kinda had a little fight and... well... he did some things and I did some things and then we kinda just broke up.” She said. I didn't like the way she said that.

“Did he...” I said implying that he might of raped her. She looked at me, I looked at her. I knew that was a yes. I decided to change the subject. Although I thought that I would kill Jacob later, I knew I had to ask her about Ms. Wilson.

“So... Did you hear about Ms. Wilson?” I asked. Kerry's head whipped around and she looked very suspicious.

“N-no... What happened to Ms. Wilson?” She asked. Oh, like you don't know. I thought.

“Apparently she kicked the bucket. But she didn't die of old age. Apparently she died cuz someone murdered her.” I said. Kerry looked really nervous now. She had always been a bad lier.

“I would never really guess that someone would kill her. She seemed so nice.” This made Kerry go nuts. She started to look away and sweat. Got ya. I thought.

The day went on as usual. Kerry and I don't have the same classes so I couldn't get any more dirt on her. After school I got a text on my cell that told me to go to the side of the school and get picked up by the CSI. I know, helpless girl gets a mysterious text then does what it says usually gets the girl into trouble but not this time. I got into the van.

“Did you find anything?” The same two guys that assigned me this job asked.

“She looks really suspicious but nothing you can charge her with... Um... I was wondering. Wouldn't it be better if I could see the crime scene and all of the evidence so I can maybe find out if anything is hers or not.” The men looked at each other.

“The stuff in there is pretty... messy... You don't want to see it.” One of them said.

“I've seen enough horror movies to not be fazed by blood.” I said. Obviously, I was wrong.

I got to the house and it was like no horror movie I have ever seen before. Sure, when you entered it looked like a nice, quite little house but when you got into the living room it was like walking into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There was a fire place to my right filled with red oozing liquid that had dried making it almost look like puke and to my right, near the sitting room couches, were couches alright, but they were missing some cushions and there was a smaller amount there. If I'm right, and I always seem to be right in the end, There was a struggle starting from the couches, then it finally turned out to be a WWE smack down in the middle to the final, and ever so ruthless, strike at the end. But here's something that surprised me. Jacob's ring, the one that he gave to my best friend, was on the floor. This sparked some of my imagination. I was imagining Kerry fighting Ms. Wilson and getting the ring torn off of her finger. Then the next day Kerry must have had a date with Jacob, who didn't like the fact that she wasn't wearing it and resorted to violence. But something didn't add up. The ring. If it was ripped off of Kerry's finger, then she should have some kind of scratch because she never took that thing off. Today when she showed me that the ring wasn't there she didn't have a scratch. She must've taken it off by her own will, but why.

I was lying in bed awake, I couldn't sleep after what I had seen. I kept replaying the whole day in my mind. What was I missing? Or what did I leave out? It was gnawing at my head, who did it? Why? What sane person- Then it hit me. Sane person, Jacob's fight with Kerry, the ring, the house. It all made sense. I know who did it!

The next day I skipped school entirely and went to the CSI van.

“GUYS!” I screamed but nobody answered. There was no one in the van. “All on coffee break?” I said. “No... that's not it.” I jumped out and I found something I didn't realize before. The van's front was indented like hell, but no bodies. This added a new twist to my theory. Was Ms. Wilson's body in her house? I never thought to check. Well, If I'm going to learn to drive, I better do it now. I put the car in gear and zoomed out to Ms. Wilson's house. I now thank my mom for driving me all over town to make me memorize the streets. I crashed into the side of her lawn and jumped out of the van. I ran inside. There was nobody there. Something was going on. I ran all around the house and just as I suspected, no body, no body chalk, and no more evidence. There's no where else to go. I was beaten. The charlatan got rid of the evidence. I heard a noise. Someone, or something was here. The noise was faint but I heard it. It was something that anyone else would miss because of the photographers and the detectives. There it was again. It came from the closet. Right behind me. I didn't want to be the stupid girl in the movies that walks into the scary closet but I have to. I opened it slowly and something came jumping out at me. I tried to fight it off but it just pulverized me with wet punches. Wait... Wet punches? I opened my eyes only to see a friendly dog licking me face.

“C'mon girl, get off.” I said. It got off. I didn't know that Ms. Wilson had a dog... And even more, why was this dog locked in a closet? It sniffed around the room.

“What's up, girl?” I asked. It sniffed the blood on the wall and ran out of the house. I ran after it. It took a turn between houses and jumped a fence. Soon after, she started digging in the mud. The dog found the body of Ms. Wilson. She was all beat up and in her night gown. There was a knife jabbed in her chest. The dog sniffed the knife and went running off in the direction of the scent again. I ran after her. She went running into the school and scratched on the door. I opened it up for her and she went strait into Kerry who was out in the hallways. I knew then and there. The dog barking and all, Kerry did it. She killed Ms. Wilson.

* * *

Apparently I was right. She told me how she did it. She killed Ms. Wilson because she, being an A+ student killed Ms. Wilson for giving her a B- on her Mid-Terms. She tried to use the diamond on her ring but found that a kitchen knife was more use full and stabbed our teacher to death. She had to hide the evidence so she dragged her to the yard and berried her. All along I thought it was Jacob. As for the CSI. This was completely unrelated. They crashed into a tree and went to the hospital while the guys at the house just left with the evidence. Kerry got sent to a mental disability center and turns out, Jacob was innocent for everything, He didn't rape Kerry, He broke up with her for not wearing the ring.

I took the dog in at my house and I guess everything went well after that. I just solved my first case in the junior investigation squad. I am Nicky Morison and I lead the JIS to solve more cases then the average detective.

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