Hope in a Ruined World

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In the dark apocalyptic world, a man finds a baby in the arms of her dead mother

Submitted: April 05, 2018

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Submitted: April 05, 2018





Why do I even try? Is there any meaning in what I do?

This is what I thought until I met her


“Heh, lucky me,”

I found a can of corn and preserved ham in a ruined shopping mall.

“Well I’ll be off then, seeya Barry,” I waved to the person at the counter.

He stayed silent, not making any movement whatsoever, I don’t expect him too, he will stay like that till the end of time.

I walked out of the shop and into the ruined city. I looked around a bit before heading back home.




Year xxxx

I didn’t know what happened, I was sitting down eating dinner with my family, then there was a flash of light before turning black, and all was silent. I woke only to see rubbles of what was left of the street that stood there. I sat there blank faced before searching for my family. The sky had turned dark before I gave up with despair. I remembered crying and cursing heaven. I don’t remember much of what happened afterwards, all know is that I kept looking for ways to survive up to this point.


I had not found a living being, not even after two years




I walked to an apartment where I had taken residence for the time being before I set of to another place when this city is scourged of food. Just as I got to the door, I heard wailing. Confused I walked to the where the sound was out of curiosity, maybe I had found someone after all this time.

“Hello, is anyone there,” I called

There was no response. The wailing continued.

I walked to an alleyway where I found a crib and corpse of a women there. In the crib there was a baby girl just wailing there. I could tell due to the fact that she was wearing a small dress.

“Must have died escaping from wolves,” I judged based on the bite marks on the body.

What should I do, should I take her? But that would mean having an extra mouth to feed. I started walking away, but the wailing continued.

I scratch my head in annoyance before turning back and picking the baby up. She stopped crying and looked at me curiously

“What am I doing?” I thought before heading into my apartment with the child.




“What am I doing?” I thought as I watched the child crawl around the room. She looked around curiously before trying to stand up only to fall back down, sitting there she looked up at me as if asking, what just happened? It looked pretty amusing, but I was busy having a headache, what should I do with her? What do babies even eat?

“Guess I’ll have to go get some things quick for this kid,” I thought as I went to grab my duffle bag and knives.

I made a makeshift sling out of the curtain, for the baby, to carry on my back. I couldn’t leave her alone here, what if wolves or foxes came by and she’d end up like that women.


So this became my norm, I’d go out scavenging or hunting for rabbits or sorts with the child on my back either awake and chewing on my hair, or snoring fast asleep than headed back to eat. I got a hold of some kid toys, none too big that could hinder my movement in any way, she really enjoyed breaking some off them. I buried the person whom I assumed to be the kids mother in a nearby courtyard. I would have felt guilty otherwise if I had just left her out there for wolves.

A few months has passed since the kid came into my life. I looked at the cleared out shopping mall.

“It’s time to leave,” I said as the kid behind looked around in wonder.

During these past few months everything has been cleared out, whether it was food, water or clothes. Seeing the empty city, I decided it was best to find a new place. I’ve got enough supplies to last me another three months.


“Ok, it’s time to leave,”

I put the supplies I found in a car that still miraculously worked. I put the kid in the crib I found her in, for safety before we set off driving. It’s been a month since I found her. I couldn’t find anything else in the city so I had to move out if I wanted to find some more food.

Before I knew it, it turned dark. I look at the kid sleeping in her crib peacefully as we drove. I realize I haven’t given her a name yet

“I think I’ll call you Li…...!!”

Suddenly the car broke down. I cursed and tried to fix it up to no avail. I pick the kid up and get what supplies I could carry before walking.

“There should be a town close by,” I thought

I started hearing growling around me.

“Wolves,” I thought grimly as I got my knife out.

One by one the wolves emerged. Cold sweat flowed down my back, it was too late to run away. I looked at the kid on my back. She looked at me, awake, not knowing what is happening. I feel my resolve strengthen, I can’t die here, this kid needs me. I hold my knife, ready to fight to the end.




My name is Lily, ten years ago I was found by a group of people, they found me cuddled by a man in his twenties, they say he was covered in wounds with corpses of wolves around him, he had looked towards them and said, “This child is named Lily,”

He collapsed afterwards. I had always looked up to this man, he’s my idol. I will always be grateful to him.

“Hey Lily, we need to go,” a voice calls out

I look at the man. He looks back with a smile

 “I’m ready father,” I say smiling

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