Marlo is a successful educated single mother who is raising three teenage children on her. Her love life is going good until one day a tragic turn of events happens, and the most unlikely person is there to help her pick up the pieces.

Marlo had just finished making breakfast for her kids, and now it was time for her to get ready for work.“Bree, Bryce and Braydon hurry up before the bus comes.”  It was about 6:50, and the bus would be pulling up out front any minute.


“We’re coming if Bree hurries up out the bathroom,” Braydon yelled from down the hall.


“I’m coming!! Give me a minute,” Bree announced from behind the closed bathroom door.


“Ok, ok.” Marlo was coming down the hall with her strawberry yogurt smoothie in hand.  “Bree let your brother in. No better yet Braydon go use my bathroom.”


“I can’t Bryce is in there.”


“I’m out.”  Bryce came of out of his mom’s room rubbing his hand over his jacket. “Your boy got swag.” He said as he passed by his mom in the hall.


“Ok he’s out now so you go ahead and do what you need to do.”  She gave him a gentle shove to hurry him alone his way.  “I fixed your breakfast.  It’s on the counter.”


Marlo was used to the daily squabbling of three teenagers, especially in the mornings when they had to get ready for school.  It was nothing major or  nothing she couldn’t handle.  They were good, well-mannered, hardworking, smart and talented kids.She had to admit for being only thirty-three years old and raising a sixteen year old girl, fifteen and fourteen year  old boys; she was doing pretty good job.


Her life just ten short years ago was simple and carefree.  She had just graduated college with a degree in business and had gotten a good job at the bank back in her hometown of Commons. Then one Saturday everything that she was comfortable with changed.


Marlo remembers that night quite vividly because she it was the night became the mother of three.It was around two in the morning when she received a frantic phone call from her sister Kali saying she was in trouble and she had did it.  Then she hung up the phone.  Did what was the question that was on Marlo’s mind.  Then a few minutes later her mom, Judy, called and said she needed to get Commons’ Inn. 


“On my way,” was all she managed to get out her mouth when the phone hung up.  She jumped in her car, heart pounding not knowing what to expect.  When she arrived at the small thirty-two room motel on the outskirts of town, she saw police cars, ambulances and people crowded all around.  She kept hearing her sister say ‘I did it.”  Her mom and dad, Donnie, were already there.  She even saw her two younger brothers, Trab and Ty, but no Kali.


Kali was the eldest of the four, and she was the wild card you could say.  She did what she wanted, when she wanted and how she wanted.  Their parents said “Kali got a high off of defying authority figures.”  They thought her attitude would change when she had her daughter Bree, but it didn’t.  Bree was the first child she gave birth to, but not her first child.  She had two previous abortions, but when she found out she was pregnant with Bree she was too far along.  When she saw how good of a father Brandon, B as everyone calls him, was such a good father she got pregnant with their first son Bryce.  Then nine months later she had their youngest son Braydon. At some point they weren’t for sure if Braydon was B’s, but DANA quickly fixed that question. 


As Marlo was standing outside the motel she kept asking, “Where is Kali?” Finally she saw her come out of the room handcuffed with blood all on her.  Marlo gasped at the sight of her big sister.


It seemed that Kali had followed her boyfriend Roddy over to the motel to see what he was up to.  Once she saw he was going in the room with another girl, she became infuriated. She knocked on the door and when the girl opened it she busted in.  She grabbed the beer bottle on the table and broke it cutting the girl in the face.  When Roddy tried to stop her she stabbed him with the bottle.The people in the other room heard the commotion and called the police.


Once Kali was cleaned up and was able to see visitors in jail she asked Marlo to take her kids.  She said that their mom had an enough on her hands worrying about her, taking care of their grandparents, and younger brothers to handle the kids.  Plus she was still shaken up by her divorce to their dad. 


 B was away in Iraq, so he couldn’t take them at the time.When B found out what had went down he tried to get leave to come home, but because the kids had close relatives to take care of them he couldn’t.  When Kali proposed the question to her little sister, she didn’t have any second thoughts.  She agreed to take the kids and went to a lawyer to have the papers drawn up to get custody of the kids. 


After Marlo took the kids B called and thanked her for doing what she did and promised to do his part as a father. To this day B has kept his end of the bargain with Marlo. 


Now ten years later the kids are the best things to ever happen to Marlo.  Despite some ups and downs that come along with raising kids, and the thirty years Kali received she had finally found her way as a parent.


At this point things were going her way.  In a few days she would be announced as the VP of Operations at the bank, the kids were doing well in school, her parents are finally able to be cordial with each other and her relationship with Dontay was going good.


“Hey the bus is out here. You better come on!” She went to the door to let their driver know they were coming, “You know Mr. Tony don’t mind pulling off.”


“Hey Mama don’t forget my game tonight at six.”  Bryce was coming out the kitchen with his breakfast in hand.


“Yes sir. I’ll be there cheering you on.” A smile came across her face as he kissed her on the cheek on his way out to the bus. “Bree, Bradydon come on.”


“I’ll be glad when I get my car,” Bree mumbled as she headed out the door.


With a sly grin on her face Marlo said, “Be careful what you ask for.”  Marlo and B promised her if she kept up grades and did what she supposed to do at home; she would get a car when she turned sixteen.


They had gone over all rules and expectations to Bree when she got the car.  One of the expectations would be for her to take her brothers to school each day.  Bree agreed. They had no worries about her because she had proven to be a very responsible and mature young woman.  She got good grades in school and excelled on the basketball court.  Just like Kali. To be honest she was the spitting image of Kali except for the fuck the world attitude.


Once she saw the kids off to school as she did each morning, she headed to her bedroom to get ready for work.  In two days she was going to be named the VP of Operations and she was so proud of herself.  Although this would do wonders for her career, her main focus were her kids.  The new job would most definitely send her into another tax bracket, but it would also allow her ensure the kids would be able to go college worry free.  As she finished getting dressed her phone rang.  It was Kali.


Trab and Ty had gotten Kali a cell phone last Christmas.  There were times Marlo wanted to call the department of corrections and say “My sister has a cell phone,” but she didn’t.


 “Good morning Kali.” It was just a few minutes after seven, and whenever Kali called early in the morning she wanted something.


“Listen I can’t talk long.  I need you to put that hundred dollars in my account and make sure you order my spring package. Gotta go. Love you.”  Just like that she was off the phone.


Marlo didn’t waste any time with following through on what her sister asked.  She grabbed her iPad and had the money sent to Kali’s account.  Then she ordered the stuff Kali had requested.  What in the world she needed with twenty dollar worth of cookies Marlo had no idea, but she ordered it.



Eight twenty on the dot.  Marlo pulled into the parking lot of the bank right on time.  She looked in her mirror and added another coat of lip gloss.  She didn’t wear make-up, but she had to have her Kaior lipstick.  After looking at herself in the mirror and checking her afro to make sure she looked as fabulous as she felt.  Marlo was a plus size girl and loved all her curves.  Don’t get her wrong she ate healthy, exercised and counted her calories.Recently she had lost fifty pounds, but she was still considered a thick girl.


The change in lifestyle as she called it came from when she put on blood pressure pills and the doctor told her she borderline diabetic.  That right there was enough to scare her and make her change eating habits.  She wanted to be around when her kids graduated college and got married.


She strolled through the lobby of the bank towards the elevators as she felt eyes staring at her.  When she looked towards the counters she saw B. 


“Good morning Ms. Knox. Maybe I should say Mrs. Childs.”  He said as she waited for the elevator.  “The weight loss is looking good on you.”


“Good morning Mr. Reynolds.  Ms. Knox will do for now.”  She was standing there in her red six inch heels. “And thank you. By the way don’t forget about Bryce’s game tonight.”


“I wouldn’t miss it.”  He turned to head out the bank, “Oh yeah Ms. Knox don’t forget what I told you.”


Marlo almost dropped her pomegranate juice.  The last thing she wanted to do was to think about what B had said to her.  The elevator finally opened and she hurried on. Once she was on the elevator she leaned up against the wall.  She couldn’t believe B was still talking about that.


B along with Kali had the farfetched idea that if things didn’t work out with Marlo and Dontay, Marlo should hook up with B.  Kali was the first one to come at Marlo with the idea of her and B hooking up.You would think Kali would still be stuck on her baby daddy, but she was far from that. To be honest Marlo didn’t think Kali every loved anyone not even Roddy. She started remembering the conversation like it was yesterday.


“So lil sister how is everything with you and Mr. Dontay.”  Kali had this look on her face like she had something to tell Marlo.


“Everything is good.  So how are you?”


“Good. I’m good.”  Kali looked over at the kids who were getting some food out the machine. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but what’s up with you and B?”


The question startled Marlo.  Where in the world did that question come from?  She was looking at her big sister confused.  She started to say something, but before she could get it out Kali chimed in.


“Before you go all crazy and shit on me, I was just asking.” She was looking over at the kids, “Ya’ll look so happy together.  Those pictures from the beach, the two of you look good together.  I know you with Dontay, but if it don’t work with you two then give B a try.”


“Makayla Knox I can’t believe you just said that to me.”  Still wearing that shocked look on her face.


“Well Marlona Knox I did.  Look I’m eating pussy now and it’s no turning back for me.”  Kali busted out laughing.


“Ok Kali that’s too much info.  You are all the way in left field and they hit the ball to right field.”  Marlo was looking at her big sister in disbelief.  “Plus Dontay was at the beach with us as well.”


“Bad bitch.” Kali smiled and shook her head.


Just then the elevator doors opened and she stepped out on to the fourth floor as she had done so many times since she started at the bank.


“Good morning Ms. Lady.  Hope you ready to start packing that stuff up and move up to the seventh floor.” Samuel said as he came out the break room.


“Guess so. I might as well be.”  She walked into office like she had done so many times for the last three years as a Sr. Investment banker.


“That’s right the quicker you move out, I can move my stuff in.”  He started moving stuff off the shelf in her office.


The majority of her morning was filled with packing up her office and going over files with Samuel. Even though she was working her mind seemed to be a million miles away. As she gathered her things to go on lunch she received a text from Dontay saying he had to stay over in Chicago until Sunday, he was going to miss her ceremony. Dontay had a job with the railroad and constantly worked out of town.  She was disappointed, but she knew he had to work.


After lunch she moved her things upstairs and met with the president of the bank and his assistance to go over the plans for the ceremony on Thursday.  Her parents, brothers and best friend Crystal were all going to be on the hand for the big announcement.


Once she wrapped up everything at the office she dashed home to get ready for Bryce’s game.  Just as she was finishing getting dressed she heard the doorbell.  When she looked out and saw who it was she almost screamed.  It was Dontay.


“Baby what are you doing here?”  A huge smile was across her face as she slung the door open. “I thought you weren’t coming till Sunday.”


“Oh you don’t want me here?”  He was holding a bouquet of lilies in her hand.  They were Marlo’s favorite. 


Dontay was everything that Marlo wanted in a man.  He was smart, sexy and stable.  He had a good job working for the railroad, and spent a lot of time out of town.  He was around 5’9, medium build, and caramel complexion.  They had only been together a year and a half, and he was one of the best things to happen to her.  He didn’t have any kids, but loved her kids to the max. They met through some mutual friends who thought they would be good together.


“Yes I’m glad to see you, but I thought you were still in Chicago


 “I know. I wanted to surprise you.”  He walked into the house and handed her the flowers.  “Plus you know I had to see my main man in his game tonight.”


Marlo looked at Dontay with such passion and love in her eyes.  She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.  He never ceased to amaze Marlo.


“Baby let me hurry up and put my shoes on.”  As she was putting her shoes on, it dawned on her she had to pick up her mom. “Oh shit!”


“What’s wrong baby?” Dontay called out from the bathroom.


“I forgot that I have to pick up Mama. Let me hurry up.”


“Don’t worry about it,” he said as he came out the bathroom.  “I already picked her up. She’s waiting for us out in the car.”


Marlo couldn’t say anything. She had a smirk on her face and just looked over at him standing in the doorway. “Aw baby what am I going to do with you?” She looked in the mirror, “Ok I’m ready.  Don’t want to miss tipoff.”


Once they arrived at the game Marlo went in her Mom mode.  She was cheering Bryce on and she was also reprimanding the coaches and referees all at the same time.  Her calm cool professional attitude went out the window when it came to her kids and their sporting events. She called it her Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde demeanor.


After the game they all went to dinner to celebrate Bryce’s big game.


“What’s good with you Dontay?”  B said as he sat down at the dinner table. “I hear congratulations are in order.”


“Yeah thanks we’re going to go ahead make this official.” Dontay looked down the table at Marlo who was engulfed Bryce, who was giving a re-cap of his game. “I’m a very lucky man.”



James Townes, the president of the bank was addressing the guess who had gathered for the big announcement of Marlo becoming VP of Operations.He was telling them all of Marlo’s accolades and how extremely proud he was to be working alongside such a brilliant young woman.


“Thank you Mr. Townes for those kind words and this superb opportunity I have been given.  I’m not much of a speech maker.” Marlo was looking out over the crowd at her family standing in the crowd. “I want to assure you that I will go above and beyond to ensure the integrity and image of our company remain in highest regards.”


Marlo’s mom, Judy, was wiping tears from her eyes.  She was so proud of her not just as far as her career goes, but how she was raising Kali’s kids.  Her dad, Donnie, was grinning like a chess cat at his “baby girl.” It meant so much to him to see his child standing up there.  Trab and Ty looked on in amazement.  They weren’t used to seeing their sister in her professional mode.  They were used to seeing her clown around and cracking jokes.  Crystal was looking on, and couldn’t wait to ask her who the girl was over by the drinks.  Dontay was there standing up there with her as she made her speech.


“Now thank you all for coming out today, and do enjoy the festivities that have been laid out here.”  Marlo ended her speech and began to mingle among the crowd.  She made a point to greet each person who had come out that day. 


After everything was over she met with Mr. Townes and made a few contacts.  She wasn’t coming back in until Monday so she wanted to make sure everything was in line before she left for the day.




“Mommy,” Bree called out to her mom as walked into the kitchen.  Her mom and Dontay were preparing dinner together.


“Yes mam,” she glanced over at her daughter who was pulling out a chair to sit down at the breakfast bar. “Now what are you after?”


“After? Whatever are you talking about Mommy?”


“Um huh. Like I said what are you after?”


“Nothing just wanted to let you know how much I love you. That’s all.”


“I love you too.”  Marlo knew she was after something because she usually said Mom, and when she wanted something she said Mommy.


“I was thinking that maybe Saturday we could have a mother daughter day. You know it’s been a long time since we did that.”


Marlo looked up from the spaghetti sauce she stirring, “You know what that sounds like fun.  Maybe we can get some massages, too.”


“Yeah and go to all favorite stores.  Rue 21, Aeropostale, Old Navy, CarMax and Journey’s.”


“Wow! Wow! Wow!” Marlo stopped in mid stir, “CarMax?”


“Did I say CarMax?”


“Yes mam you did.” Now it was clear to what Bree was up to.  She wanted to go get her car. “You know your dad has to be there when we pick out the car.”


Bree jumped up from the bar, “Ok I’m text him right now. You’re the best.”


Dontay was laughing, “She got you good with the girls’ day out. Me and the boys are going to be busy fishing.”


“Take me!”


“No mam.  You are going to be busy out having fun looking for Bree’s car.”


“I know right. Fun!”


It had been three months since Marlo started in her new position and she was finally settling into it, but the stress of the wedding was getting to her.  Not to mention she was always worrying about Bree every time she cranked up her car.  Her mom told her it was only natural she feel that way.  Not to mention Bryce had gotten her his permit, and Braydon was studying for his.


“Hey Ms. VP on the seventh floor.”  Samuel came strutting in her office.


“Hey stranger.” Marlo looked up from her computer, “where have you been hiding at?”


“On the fourth floor, I just came to by to say hi.”  He walked over to the chairs in front of her desk and sat down, “I wanted to inquire about the new assistance you just hired.” He was glancing a back and forth looking at him.


“You are too much.”  She started shaking her head, “His name is Sean and I want you leave him alone because I don’t need you corrupting his mind.”


“It’s not his mind I want to corrupt.”


“Samuel hush,” before she could say anything her cell phone rang.  “Hello.”


Samuel could tell by the expression on Marlo’s face that something was wrong.  He didn’t know what was going on, but whatever it was it had Marlo shaken.


“Yes I’m on my way right now!’  Marlo jumped up from her desk looking for bag.


“What’s wrong Marlo?”


Tears were streaming down her face, “Dontay’s been hurt and his supervisor said it doesn’t look good.”


“Oh my god.” Samuel replied with his hands over her cheeks, “You’re not in any condition to drive. I’m going to take you.”


Marlo was shaking so bad she could barely get the text out to everyone, and let them that Dontay had been rushed to the hospital.  She couldn’t think straight and the ride to the hospital seemed to be forever.  “Put the blinkers on so we can get there faster.”


When they arrived at the hospital Dontay’s mom Deb and brother Rashad had made it along with her parents, brothers and Crystal.  Dontay’s co-workers were there as well.


“How is he?”  Marlo was still shaking. She had tried to get her nerves together in the car, but she hadn’t. No one was a saying a word. “How is he?” Her voice was now elevated.


“”Excuse me are you all waiting with Dontay Childs?”  The hospital chaplain said as he came into the waiting room.


“Yes.” Her mom said.


“I’m Chaplain Reese.  The doctors will be down in a few moments to speak to you and I’m going to be here with you as well.”


Listening to the chaplain speak, Marlo got weak in the knees and felt them buckling.  Trab and Ty rushed over and helped her to a seat.  By the time she managed to get herself together the doctor was coming in.

As the doctor was speaking Marlo could only catch every other word.  “His injuries were so great. I’m sorry but he didn’t make it.”


Marlo blacked out.


The next few days were rough for Marlo.  Dontay had left Marlo in charge of his affairs.  The hardest thing she had to do was to pick out a casket for him, and having to plan his services. She had to be strong for the kids because they were taking it hard as well.


After she made all the arrangements, the only thing she had to do now was wait for the funeral services. Later that evening Dontay’s co-workers came over to check on Marlo.


“Can I ask a question?” It dawned on Marlo that she didn’t know how it happened.  All she knew was he was hit by a car.


“Sure.” Rick responded.  He was with Dontay when he was hit.


“How did it happen?” 


Dontay’s mom was also in the room, and before Rick could say a word tears streamed down her face.


“The woman must of blacked out or something because she started going off the road in Dontay’s direction.  He had his back turned and didn’t see the car coming, and by the time I called out it to him, it was like she sped up.  He never had time to get out the way.”


To hear Rick describe to her what happen was too much.  She broke down all over again. 


“Marlo I think it’s time for you to lay down honey.” Her mom and her Aunt Lara helped her to the bedroom.


After the funeral, her boss gave her another week off because she needed to handle Dontay’s affairs.  At moments she felt it was too much for her, but she did it.  Once they got engaged he changed his will and left everything to Marlo.  He had recently sold his house, so that was one less thing she had to worry about.


The kids seemed to be adjusting pretty well.  Bree was helping out more around the house, and she was even cooking dinner.  Bryce and Braydon were being very protective of their mom.  She got so much strength from them it was unbelievable.


Later that week she spent all day packing up the rest of his belongings.  Trab and Ty were coming over later to put them in the shed out back, because she wasn’t ready to give them away.  She did decide to keep the family picture that they had recently taken on the mantle over the fireplace in her bedroom, and an old t-shirt he used to wear.


 As she finished packing the last box, her phone rang.  When she looked to see who it was, it was B.  He was probably calling to check on her like he did every day since the accident.




“What’s going on?”


“Nothing. Just packing up the rest of Dontay’s things.”


“Well take a break and let’s go get lunch!”


“Aw thanks, but no thanks.”


“Ok then, well open the front door.” B hung up before she could get a word out.


She got up and went to the front door to find him holding bags from her favorite Japanese restaurant and a bouquet of lilies. She fought back tears, and thought about the day Dontay surprised her with the bouquet of lilies.  The tears were too much for her and she broke down.


B sat the bags on the sofa table and put his arms around Marlo to give her comfort.  The warmth of B’s body felt so good, and she wished he wouldn’t let her go.  She needed to feel secure and needed to feel like all the hurt and pain she was feeling would go away.


“You ok?”


“Yeah I’m good.”  She wiped the tears from her, and grabbed the flowers from the table. “Thank you. I needed that.”


“Glad I could help.” He grabbed the bags of food, “Now let’s go get our eat on.”


They sat and talked over lunch.  Marlo talked about Dontay and the kids mostly. B just listened and would chime in here and there.Just to be able to relax made her feel so good.


“Makayla Knox report to visitation,” The correctional officer called out Kali’s name as Marlo, B and the kids went to the table. 


It had been almost four months since Dontay died, and things where seeming to get back to a normal routine.  Kali had asked them all to come up for the visit that weekend.They waited all about ten minutes before Kali came from the back.


“Hey everybody,” Kali was in a particularly good mood.  “Ya’ll look real good.”


“Hey Mama,” Bree said as she got up to give her a hug. The boys got up to give her a hug, too.


Marlo had made a point to keep the relationship between the kids and Kali together.  Marlo had reservations about them calling her Mama, but Kali didn’t want it any other way.  She told her that she had thirty years in jail and had to do a mandatory twenty so she was their mother.


The kids were ready to get something to eat so they rushed over to the vending machines, and Marlo went to the bathroom.  This left B and Kali alone at the table to talk.


“So how’s my sister?” Kali asked B as she looked over at the kids.


“She’s doing good,” B didn’t know where Kali was going with the questions, and answered very carefully.


“So B you haven’t hit that yet?”


B looked at Kali with this look of like what the fuck.  “Where the hell that come from?”


“I’m just asking.  Dontay is out the picture and not coming back.  So have you hit that?” Kali was as serious as heartache.  She was not backing down.




“If you can huh, you can hear.” Kali looked up and Marlo was coming out of the bathroom.  She motioned her to come back to the table instead of heading to the vending machine with the kids.


“Yeah what’s up?”  Marlo sat down and had no idea what was about to come out her sister mouth.


“I asked Mr. Huh over here had he tapped that yet.”


Marlo looked at Kali then B. She didn’t say anything because she didn’t know what to say.  She had a look of confusion on her face. 


“He has!” Kali leaned back with a smile.  “Listen I’m not getting out of here no time soon. If you worried about what people say, don’t. Who gives a fuck what people will think?  I give ya’ll my blessing.”


Marlo was still stunned by her sister’s statement.  How did she know?  Truth of the matter was B and Marlo had been secretly seeing each other since that day he brought her lunch.  Marlo had been feeling guilty for months. She tried to break it off, but truth of the matter was she felt good when she was with B.


Before Marlo could respond to what her sister was saying the kids had gotten back to the table. 


“Bree, Bryce and Braydon what would you say if I told you your Dad has a new girlfriend?”


“Kali stop. Don’t do this now. Please.”  Marlo wanted her sister to be quite.  She looked over at B who had this look on her face she hadn’t seen before.


“Who’s your new girlfriend Daddy?”  Bryce looked over at his dad who was starring at Marlo.


“Your Mom,” Kali pointed towards Marlo.


“Mama?” Braydon looked at her.


“For real?” Bree looked over at Marlo. “Mama Kali how does that make you feel?”


“I’m happy.” Kali had tears in her eyes. She hadn’t cried in ten years, since the day in court she had to say good bye to her kids.  “They are your parents.  I made choices that took me from ya’ll, but ya’ll have a mother who is better than I could ever be.  Marlo and B ya’ll belong together.”


B hadn’t said a word in a minute.  He looked over at Marlo who had tears running down her face.  “Marlo marry me?” He didn’t even think about the question, he just said it.


“Yes she will marry you!” Kali blurted out.


Marlo was just looking at B with this look of confusion.  Did she hear him right?  Did he just ask her to marry him?


“Mama did you hear Daddy?’ Braydon was looking at Marlo.


Marlo looked at everyone at the table and finally managed to look at B and said, “Yes.”


The kids started cheering and yelling.  The guard came over and warned them if they didn’t settle down their visit would be over.




Marlo was finally dressed.  She stood in front of the mirror looking at herself.  It was hard to believe that it was her wedding day.  It had only been six months since she lost Dontay and now she was about to marry B.  She never thought she could love again so fast, but maybe she was always in love with B.  Just too afraid to admit.


“You look beautiful baby girl.”  Her dad was standing in the door way, “you ready to walk down that aisle?”


She took one deep breath, “yes sir.”


“Let’s get this show on the road people.”  Samuel said as he came into the room. He helped Marlo plan the wedding. “How you feeling Marlo?”


“I’m ok.” Marlo started walking towards the door.


As the doors opened to the elegantly decorated ballroom, Marlo began to smile.She felt like Princess Tiana, and B was her Prince Naveen.Her dad was smiling as they walked down the aisle, and he and her mom had even started spending time together again.  Her flowers could barely hide the bump of love that was poking out behind them.


The preacher finished the ceremony and presented them to the awaiting guest. Etta James belted out over the speakers “At last.” Yes at last Marlo’s love had come alone, and she didn’t want the feeling to end.



Four Months Later:


Briar Rose Knox-Reynolds

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