My Best Friend Likes Video Games

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Everybody has someone to rely on; a best friend. This is dedicated to mine, the most unusual, random but loyal person I've ever known.

My best friend likes music and videogames

I think they’re lame

But he never feels ashamed.


My best friend doesn’t have a cool name;

We don’t always think the same

But everything’s better since into my life he came.


My best friend hates fame

and for that he can’t be blamed

Though his opinion it’s not acclaimed.


My best friend can’t be tamed

Not even by a cute dame.

And for that my brother he became.


My best friend it’s like a cold frame

Always protecting me from flames.

For that he my confident was proclaimed.


My best friend likes music and videogames

I still think they’re lame

But we still are one and the same.



Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Lol i thought that this poem was really, extremely cute. Geez, i cant stop reading your poems. Its like an addiction! A good one, of course.

Tue, February 11th, 2014 5:51pm


OMG I hoped this poem was kept hidden haha but I'm glad you liked it :)

Tue, February 11th, 2014 1:58pm

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