Shooting Star (Across the Sky)

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This poem was inspired by someone special in my life. Love it's never easy; people like to throw rocks at things that shine. But, as contradicting as it sounds, it's the most beautiful part of love, where thunder strikes, and the lovers keep standing still. This is for you :)

Shooting star across the sky;

Rolling clouds over the moon;

Chilling breeze around my neck;

That’s the place where I found you.

Painted crescent on your canvas;

Burning candles through my heart;

Glowing spheres shine so bright,

In all the glory of your night.


Colored arrows aim my way;

Silver bullets they shoot too;

Embracing arms they hold me,

Oh this love it’s meant to be.


Falling skies above the heights

Cursing thunder haunts the land;

Pouring rain it falls around,

At your side is where I’ll stay.


Shooting star across the sky;

Closed eyes begin to wish;

Holding hands walk the path,

Burying all the darkness in the past.

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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