The Devil was an Angel Once.

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I think believe the best writings come from broken hearts, busted dreams and beat-up souls. I am well aware comparing the devil to the freedom might bring some kind of discontent between some of you. But, I am a writer, and I write about how I feel. This does not portray my beliefs. I just like to write the words we don't dare to say. I hope you enjoy it. It's about freedom and self-expression.

Submitted: June 07, 2014

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Submitted: June 07, 2014



The devil was an angel once;
to the harp’s sound he used to dance.
I was once that way;
to the rules I used to sway.

I guess being told what to do,
isn’t my favorite thing to do.
So today I am breaking free;
my life does not belong to thee.

I’m through letting you dictate,
who I love and who I date.
What I eat or what I wear;
if I’m here or if I’m there.

If doing my thing makes me a rebel,
then lay me down besides the devil.
Lay me down cause there is no salvation,
for what you are calling abomination.

The devil was an angel once;
now to his own beat he likes to dance.
No space for me among the clouds;
so I will play my music loud.

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