The School That Built Our Friendship

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This was written in May '12, a few days before graduation. It is based on that moment when you're walking your final steps through the school hallways as a Senior. You might come back, but it'll never be the same, so you make sure you cherish those last steps and you remember all the good and the bad memories you've made.

I walk these empty halls one more time;

Remembering when they use to shine,

Whenever we laughed or cried.

I could not forget it even if I tried.


Few pictures and a box of letters

When I’m down they’ll make me feel better.

Fragments of memories and pieces of my youth

They’ll always remind me of you


Now different ways we have to part;

Getting ready for a brand new start.

Even though we’ll be apart

I’ll treasure you inside my heart.


As we set free these balloons to the sky,

Our eyes meet with tears of goodbye.

Letting go of our pure naïveté days;

Heading towards different ways.


You’re getting smaller in my rearview mirror;

I watch you fade; your reflection’s not getting clearer.

You’ll just turn into a sweet memory;

The main character of my hit story.


As we walk towards the rest of our lives,

We’ll never forget where everything started.

The school that built our friendship;

Always kept in a special place.

Submitted: January 23, 2013

© Copyright 2021 browneyedsoul511. All rights reserved.

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:'(... amazing bro!?

Wed, January 23rd, 2013 9:52pm


it's a very beautiful poem

Thu, January 24th, 2013 3:43pm


Thanks! :)

Thu, January 24th, 2013 10:27am

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