Your Eyes were made for Me

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I love story-telling a lot. Some of my favorite songs are country songs that tells stories. I think this is the longest poem I've ever written and I hope you all guys like it. It comes from a very special place dedicated to a very special person

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



You, the one who always listens

Can’t you hear me call your name?

You, the one who my day brightens

Don’t you know we’re one and the same?


It’s been so long since we first met;

Since mother destiny played her part.

Though there’s whole chapters not written yet,

I would like to travel back to the start.


Singing with my one-man band in eternal gloom,

When I spotted you dancing on your own.

Shining sparks they fly across the room;

Then I said “You don’t have to dance alone”.


Teary-eyed you grabbed my hand;

Around the moonlight we began to dance.

As the rose-colored lights begin to expand,

Your prefect crescent puts me in a trance.


Between the tension and the heat,

Nothing in the dance floor tears us apart.

And as our eyes begin to meet,

You slowly dance your way to my heart.


The track ended; they played another song.

The steps were harder;

And we weren’t able to dance along.

It was late; this love became my blackbirder.


Years they began to pass by;

Forever in my mind the girl in the pink dress.

Unable was I to fly;

Always haunted by her stare full of bless.


I was once again

Singing with my one-man band in eternal gloom.

My lips dripping with words of pain,

When I spotted you dancing all alone across the room.


Legend said you already moved on;

Your eyes denied that brutal lie.

I thought from my life you were gone,

But this love’s too pure to be left to die.


The song starts playing and you hesitate;

I know you want to dance again.

As our hearts begin to accelerate,

Hands they hold, ending the season of rain.


Flashback ends and we’re still here

Writing the best story the world’s ever seen.

I confirm every time you’re near

That your eyes were made for me.

© Copyright 2017 browneyedsoul511. All rights reserved.

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