Jessica Marie Starr

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My "adoptive" sister passed recently...this is for her.

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011



Jessica Marie Starr

I spoke to you out loud today

As tears fell from my eyes

I could almost feel your tender touch

And hear your sweet reply

You told me not to worry

That heaven’s where you stay

And that you’re always with me

You’re never far away

You told me you are happy

And that you feel no pain

You let your love embrace me

And said you wish I felt the same

I told you of my grief for you

And all the things I’ll miss

I told you that I’m sorry

That you had to go through this

I told you of the guilt I feel

For the time I let slip by

And all the things I’d do and say

If I had one more try

I cried for all the plans we made

That now can never be

And all the lives that you have touched

The way you did for me

I talked about your smile

And how you lit up a room

You taught me a valuable lesson

That family is who you choose

I told you that I’ve never met

Another person quite like you

And that I know I never will

No matter what I do

You never judged or criticized

My actions or my words

You accepted me for me

And every word I said you heard

You opened up your heart

And welcomed me inside

Without a second thought

You let me in your life

You said I was your sister

In your heart and in your mind

I never knew that I could feel that way

In such a short amount of time

You told me that you had to go

That someone else was needing you

And as you told me this

I felt my tears begin anew

You told me you are listening

To everything I say

And that you hear me even when

You seem so far away

I told you that I love you

That you’re my sister andI'll spend

Each day thinking of you

Until we meet again

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