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we all need a little saving every once and again..

Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014



Another one taken down

The bottle’s about empty

The bottle shouldn’t be empty

I just got it today..

But these pills should’ve killed me today

Why am I awake?

Is God shielding me from my grave?

I’ve already carved my name and the date

But my soul won’t succumb to the power of self-hate

Just great.

Now I’m stuck in this body

Without anybody

Look at me, I’m just a nobody

Without any hobbies of meaning

Or purpose to change the world

I wanna talk to a girl, but they constantly think I’m scheming

I lied to my ex about feelings I wasn’t feeling

I’m a pathological liar still wanting you to believe me

I love you, you believe me?

Of course not

Plunge the scythe in my chest, watch my corpse rot

Figuratively of course, I’m still alive

To my surprise, can’t count how many times I could’ve died

In my terms, should’ve died

My wrist resembles cracks on the sidewalk

Carnal are my thoughts

Such a ticking time bomb

Thank god for my mom

Otherwise, I’d be just another guy

Solidifying no significant presence in this present time

But I’m rambling, enough confessin’

Please leave now

I need to take these anti-depressants


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