How to Not Be Socially Awkward

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Find out How To Not Be Socially Awkward.

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



How to not be socially awkward

When you’re at school or out with friends, it’s good to be social. Although, sometimes it can be hard to fit in with the crowd, and if you’re a teenager like me, you know how important this can be. You’ll have to find out who you are and what your goals are. So here’s some steps on how to not be completely awkward…

Make a good first impression

Get to know the people around you. Everywhere you go there are going to be cliques. Don’t be the quiet one. Make sure they know where you stand and that you know how to speak up. If you want to make friends, being shy won’t get them for you.

Don’t go up to the school jocks and tell them about your fun weekend of LARPING (Live Action Role Play), and you wonder why you get thrown in the trash can. Somethings are meant to be kept a secret.

Accept the fact that not everyone will like you. Society can be a cruel thing. You can be the most innocent person, but a victim to others. Drama runs in some peoples’ blood. People are judgmental and will try to knock you down, but you have to be the one to stand up and tell them how it is. You need to embrace yourself. Let people see your awesome personality. Listen to your conscience and be yourself. Don’t try to act like someone that you’re not. Make a joke every once in a while. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with being a people pleaser. Just don’t push it. People can tell when you’re being a suck up.


Keep a good conversation

It happens to the best of us. You’re talking to someone and all we do is keep stalling. You don’t know where to take it, and the silence only makes you feel that much more awkward. Make sure you have something meaningful to say. Don’t just say something to speak; speak to say something. Always ask open-ended questions so you get an answer that’s not “Yea, or Nope”

Your environment can often set off the conversations. Don’t start a conversation with someone who’s in the other stall, using the bathroom. Don’t be shocked if they reply in a creeped out tone. Congratulations! You tried.

Even if you honestly don’t care about what the other person thinks, ask them! Make them feel like you’re a people person. If you actually do care, don’t stop talking. Add your opinions, but don’t say anything to downgrade their opinion. Having common interest is the key. Just don’t blurt out any little thing. Censor yourself.

Dress to Impress

It isn’t a slumber party; don’t wear your pajamas to school. It might be comfortable, but believe me when I say it looks tacky. You can do so much better. You don’t have to wear your Sunday best. Image might not be everything to you, but if you want someone to notice you, at least make an attempt.

Everybody has their own unique style and their special way to show off what they like. Make sure people see the real you. The way you dress has a lot to say about the way you act. Your personality shows through your clothing. If you don’t know what specific style you have, try out different things. If you have an inspiration or role model, there is nothing wrong with wanting to dress similar to them. But remember, add your own spin to it. Change it up a little.



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