a conversation with teri

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an IMAGINED conversation with Teri Cross Chetwood where the first line, "You do know that there's monsters under your bed, don't you?", is given to both writers. hopefully Teri will come up with an imagined conversation too. and no, i've never been in Teri's bedroom. I don't even know where she lives. so there.

Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013



Brucek:  You do know that there's monsters under your bed, don't you?

Teri:  Oh I know, that's where I keep them.

Brucek:  You'll have to feed them at some point.

Teri:  That's what happened to all my old boyfriends.

Brucek:  Then it's been years since they've had anything to eat!

Teri:  Whatever.  Alright then, tell me, what kinds of things do they eat?

Brucek:  You know, lost socks, dust bunnies, never used exercise equipment.  The usual.

Teri:  Well then I'm sure they're stuffed by now.

Brucek:  I don't think so.  There's an awful lot of drool coming out from under there.

Teri:  Ewww!  Is that what that stuff is?

Brucek:  Yeah.  I'm not sure about those chunky bits though.

Teri:  Oh, those were already there.

Brucek:  Gross Teri!  Don't you ever vacuum in here?

Teri:  Only if it becomes unbearable.  I'd hate to disturb the natural order of things.

Brucek:  So, it's all delicately balanced?

Teri:  Yes.  The monsters, the dirt, and I all have an agreement.  If you don't bother me, I won't bother you.

Brucek:  I don't think the monsters got the memo.

Teri:  They can be like that sometimes.

Brucek:  Oh yeah?

Teri:  Yeah.  They're starting to get grumpy now that they're getting too big to fit under the bed.

Brucek:  Oh dear.

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