How to Control a Mob Situation

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I compiled this satirical piece on a mob situation. Do check it out.

Submitted: March 03, 2015

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Submitted: March 03, 2015



How to Control a Mob Situation

By: Nwachukwu Lawson Luke



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"How to Control a Mob Situation"



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Mob comprises protesting persons who are either jobless or dissatisfied with their jobs. With chanted grievances and violent demonstrations, the innocent unfortunately become the unnecessary victim of circumstance. Sadly, violence breeds violence. Mob actions, as we know, have not produced any good result.

Ranging from political dissatisfaction and an advocating for greater freedom to a cry for gender and racial equality, there are always genuine reasons for protests. Unfortunately, the problems these mobsters have are very different from those that have been addressed –most have, indeed, been addressed. And for the sake of the right of expression, it justifies the carrying of placards. Or perhaps it gives us good reasons for a rethink.

If, however, you eventually become the new focus of a mobocratic empire, here are 5 simple tips you can try:


Be Nice:

Most people are just jerks, no matter how hard they try. And you know it. So this does not always come naturally. But if you were a nice person there would, apparently, be no reason to be on the lookout for mobsters. Why would someone want to attack a nice person? Mobsters don’t attack nice persons; or do they? So, be nice and be fair to people. Don’t pay workers next to nothing; pay them for what it’s worth, and on time. If, however, there is an impending threat to peace, try to stay calm and speak softly too. Still play nice. Avoid the danger of becoming angry because it will not help the situation. Although this can be difficult, but a gentle answer still turns away wrath.


Be on the Lookout for Signs:

Demonstrations don’t just happen. Violence is a technical display of successively accumulated hurts and grievances. Okay, let’s assume for a moment that you are a nice person and that you are fair to people. That, however, is no guarantee for safety. It becomes very important that you be on the lookout for signs of revolt; check to see how people respond to you. Are they dissatisfied with your services? Do they feel that you are taking undue advantage of them?


Employ Dialogue:

Angry persons hardly listen to the voice of reason because having been blinded by annoyance, they have become so overwhelmed by the magnitude of their alleged grievances. Be sure to talk them anyway. Try to ascertain the reason-if there be any legitimate one- for their grievances. Being sincere does not mean being right, some are desperately ignorant of the course they pursue. Mobocratic communities, in fact, are sometimes marked by sheer ignorance. By talking to them you not only appeal to their conscience, but you also educate them on matters that they do not know.


Alert the Security Authorities:

While employing dialogue, be sure to alert the security authorities. You do not want to take matters into your own hands; besides, you do not want to take chances too. You will surely be outnumbered and overpowered. Pick up the darn phone and make that call. History has shown that there is no guarantee that dialogue will always work out. So be prepared in case things get out of control.



You’ve tried being nice, you’ve been on the lookout for signs, you’ve employed dialogue, and have alerted the security authorities. The next wisest thing to do is run. You have to be alive to tell the story, and that is key. No you, no story. So use your brains, why should you die for nothing? Quickly exit the building or location and be sure to run to a safe place. Don't worry if they chase after you, the National Geographic channel has taught us that  predators don't always catch up with their prey.Yours could just be one of such rare exceptions. But run my friend, and fly if you have to.


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