The framed river...

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Looks like I need a new hobby... the framed river on my wall is talking to me...

Submitted: January 10, 2011

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Submitted: January 10, 2011



Today in the kitchen was one of those days where nothing seemed like it was real. The fridge didn't hum to the tune of the radio and the toaster didn't pop in time to the whistle of the kettle. I didnt even see my reflection in my orange juice! So naturally enough I called on my conscience to disturb me and bring this nonsense morning back to life. Thats when the fridge starting singing.

  A matter of madness on my mind? Surely not, i took my meds before I excreted to my bladder's orders. Or was it the M&M's i was inhaling... As you can tell I was alone in the house, nothing more than the chit chat of morning (early afternoon maybe...) television. Bored out of my tree I was. Mother was nowhere to be seen and father, well he was working  in the open fields of his numbers and ledgers of accountancy. Siblings at school. *slight pause for envy* I loved school you know, even the books lit my fire of interest... Many a LOL moment I had. Not that I labeled it that, no we were more the HAHA kind of people, that didn't 'lol' after every sentence or speak. Proud of that I am. Proud.

So anyways my thoughts are quite complex, so anthing that appears complex is super complex. And anything that appears simple, well by jaysus I have a face on me like a nun with a unibrow! After a while my kitchen seems so familiar, i forget where the bowls go and empty them in the lavatory. It was whilst flushing i heard the most amazing thing. The framed river had fallen, smashed to the floor. He began to sing without the frame of silence, "I come from down in the valley..."

I know now. I'm not half mental, i'm fully imaginally functional.

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