Last Train Ride

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Real story Of one of the adventures I had with an ex girlfriend I've changed her name for obvious reasons.
A bit sexy and rude and true

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013




 I met Liz at “Idea” a restaurant in the city where I worked while training to be a Meat Inspector at my local college, I had a small flat near the college and had to get the train into the city to work at the restaurant, Liz came to work there as part of the waiting team at weekends. We hit it off straight away as I took her under my wing and helped her to get started and not get on the bad side of the Head Waiter.

 She had long brown hair and dark eyes giving her a Mediterranean sort of look which I fell for almost immediately, which was just as well, because, she felt the same about me and we soon both squeezed into my tiny flat. We were both at college only hers was a smaller one out in the suburbs, so on Fridays we used to meet up near “Idea” and have a coffee before work, finish at the restaurant then catch the very last train back at 11:22pm. The train was always nearly empty and passed through some really remote areas, stopping a few times and letting off the other couple of passengers at that time of night. The last stop before ours had the longest nonstop run of almost ten minutes and went through a bit of countryside and then into what was a big derelict site that used to be a car plant. The local council had all these big plans for it and to be fair some of them were starting to happen and at the side of the track they were building a concert venue and a hotel, that’s all they can ever think of to put on old industrial land.

 It was along this stretch of the line that I always used to ask her to make love with me on the train, we were invariably the only ones left on there, but, she always said ‘what about the cameras, I don’t want to end up on “youporn” if the driver or the guard spots us on the film’, I always told her the cameras are nearly always broken and I kept working on her every weekend starting to mention it as we worked through the evening.

 Then one Friday night I mentioned it and she looked a little shyly at me and mentioned the cameras and I said what about if I take a serviette with us and blutack it over the camera window. She looked at me, reddening slightly, and walked away glancing back with a smile and I thought I maybe had a chance. I always told her she looked really sexy in her waitress outfit with her short black skirt and white blouse, she looked sexy no matter what she wore but that little skirt was the shortest she had. After a few minutes she came over to me and told me ‘Next Friday I don’t have to go to college so I’ll put something sexy on underneath otherwise if I don’t let you do it you’ll just keep on, next  week I promise’.

 We met up as usual for a coffee and she saw my eyes twinkling and as she sat down she lifted her skirt just a fraction to show that she had stockings on, I wanted her there and then, but she gave my dick a playful stroke and whispered ‘Later big fella.’ When she took her jacket off at work she had a camisole on underneath and as she walked her tits wobbled and I knew she had no bra on and I couldn’t take my eyes off her all night.

 It was the longest night I have ever worked there and all I could do was keep glancing at the clock every 5 minutes to see what time it was. Eventually we finished, I picked up a serviette and some blutack for the specials board and walked to the station. The train was only two carriages long and there was only one other person on there and he got off at the second stop. We were kissing and I had my hand up her skirt but she stopped me and told me I had to be patient as there were a couple more stops before the last long stretch. The gods were smiling, no one got on and I covered the camera in the carriage undid her blouse lifted up her camisole and kissed her ample breasts while pulling down her skimpy little knickers. We kissed again roughly this time she wanting it as much as me, I turned her round and bent her over the table between the seats and plunged into her doggy style, she groaned as I thrusted myself into her and grabbed her tits from behind as the train went through the countryside and into the industrial part. I could see her face reflected in the window, her eyes wide open in the pleasure of the moment as we went passed the new concert venue which had opened that night, the gig had finished and about 500 people stood outside the entrance watching me and Liz fucking doggy style on the train.

 Sorry to say it was the one and only time.

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