Love Conquers All

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a story of an angel and a demon. both love the same girl. but how far will one go to make sure he gets the girl?

Submitted: January 23, 2008

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Submitted: January 23, 2008



Love conquers all
Dante’s dark-red, sheek hair almost looked like a flame atop his pale morbid face. As his feet dangled from the roof of the high school the sun shined down upon his face showing a pearly, vampiric-like set of teeth smiling. The officials would never find the body. It was a present for his master Lucifer, the one that had raised him from birth. He showed a mad smile before turning around to see him.
Michael had and angry scowl on his face, and was staring down Dante with scorn. The one Dante had killed was Michael’s love, Clarice. Michael’s golden hair waved with the wind as he took off his letterman jacket. Suddenly a majestic pair of white, feathered wings stretched out from his back spanning, all together, 20 feet in length. His tan, muscular and now shirtless upper body now gleamed in the sunlight, trembling.
Dante laughed his red eyes glinting. Pausing his laughing he opened his mouth maniacally enticing Michael with words of mock, “Are you wondering where your lover is?” he growled in his deep dark voice, cackling madly at the same time. His dark, long razor sharp nails, usually hidden, started to grow, greedy with bloodlust. The girl was an easy kill but the Demon was confident the angel would be a fun and challenging kill. Michael stood there cascade tears rolling down from his light blue eyes down his innocent face in anger. He cried out
“You BASTARD! What did you do to her?!” the angel yelled shaking with anger. He had known Clarice for years, sent by the holy one to protect her, and yet in one week this Demon had made her disappear. He was about to say more when Dante let out another mad cackle. In her sweet loving voice he let out,
“Michael! I’m part of Dante now! I wouldn’t want to be with a weakling like you!” the demon cackled, then back in his morbid dark voice he proclaimed
“I’ll tell you what happened because I enjoy every moment of your SUFFERING!” the demon cried in a mad cackle.
The high school girls screamed in joy as the black Mercedes roared into the parking lot. The “new kid” shut down his car and gout out, his stunning red hair entrancing those around him. He swung his briefcase containing his notebooks over his shoulders and started walking up towards the school. The girls sighed following after him in a group. Dante scowled when he saw the face. A Demon and Angel could always tell each other apart in human form. A Demon always had a slightly paler hue to their skin than humans while the Angels seemed to have a majestic hue of tan to their skin. Either way they were ten times different than humans. For some reason Dante’s master had chosen this area as a good starting point to start collecting souls. Maybe it was fate that brought the two together but the sudden cold chill running through Michael’s body suddenly made him pull Clarice closer in their embrace. He kissed her more passionately his pink lips almost molding into her light red ones. Clarice sighed flicking her blonde back length hair out of her face. Every day with Michael seemed to be more and more miraculous. After they had met 2 years ago at the freshman dance, they started dating. Clarice pulled away from Michael saying in her song-like voice
“Oh Michael I’d love to stay longer but I really have to get to class. You know how the professor feels about me not casting protection charms before he begins a lesson!” said Clarice contorting her baby like face into a face of “questioning Michael’s authority”. They bounced off together content as anyone else. Dante interested in Clarice and her sweetness trailed behind them his head perked up high focusing on her the entire time. When they reached the class Dante sat directly near Clarice, since Michael had opted out of taking a spell enrichment class. Dante gazed at her green absorbing eyes, in awe and amazement at her beauty. To shy to talk to her he waited 3 days before finally saying a word to her. He stuttered as he asked her
“Um…what are the ingredients for this spell?” he asked nervously. She just smiled and replied
“Hey you’re the new kid aren’t you? All you have to do is take mandrake roots and mix it with the carnivorous bee honey.” She smiled at him while saying these words. Dante reached for the carnivorous bee honey with his bare hands when she gasped and grabbed his hand. Dante felt his cold heart start to beat faster.
“DON’T DO THAT!” she yelled, “Don’t you know carnivorous bee honey is poisonous to the skin?! It can burn you!” she protested insisting he put on gloves before he tried again. Although Dante knew nothing titled “carnivorous bee honey” could harm him, he put on the gloves just to be smiled at by Clarice. He asked her how to do the spell properly and she showed him step by step. His heart beating very fast now he began to sweat, as he nervously asked her
“oh so um…I’d really like to learn more about these spells and you seem to know a lot about them…and well…I was wondering…if…if..”
“If what?” replied Clarice amused by his hesitation.
“Ifyoucouldcomewithmetotherooftopafterschoolandshowmebetter” he said rapidly. He blushed red as bright as his hair as he said this and she laughed loudly. She smiled at him with her white teeth and brushing the blonde hair out of her eyes she said
“Of course I wouldn’t mind! We can meet after school!” she replied cheerfully at Dante.
That afternoon they met up on the school’s roof and while in the middle of their spell casting the door to the roof crashed open.
“AND WHO IS THIS?!” Michael yelled, breathing heavily. His jealousy was clear by the reddening of his cheeks and the running of him to his girlfriend lifting her up and taking her to the doorway. Clarice started crying teal tears running down her small face yelling back to Dante
“Dante I’m sorry! We’ll do this some other time when SOMEONE isn’t being an ASS about it!” Clarice yelled directly at Michael. But he yelled back shakily,
“THIS IS ABOUT US ISN’T IT?! YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE DO YOU?!” the angel cried out. Clarice slapped him sorely across the face. A teal waterfall now poured down her face onto the ground.
“WHY….WHY WOULD YOU EVER SAY THAT?!” she shouted at the top of her lungs making the birds on the rooftop fly away in fear. “I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU! WHEN I FIRST MET YOU! DANTE IS JUST A FRIEND! I DON’T LOVE HIM I ONLY LOVE YOU!” but Michael was too shaken by his anger. He hugged Clarice kissing her passionately and when he embraced her no longer he said
“I’m sorry…I believe you …let’s go home.”
Dante stood there…his mouth open in aghast at the scene that had just happened…his heart feeling like it was torn in two…he thought she did this because she loved him…was he wrong? Why? Why would she do something like that? He screamed at the sky as the setting colors of the sun changed from orange and red to purple and orange. Then he stopped screaming. A brilliant idea had come to him. He no longer frowned in agony but smiled in madness…yes that was the only way to make her love Dante.
Michael snuck into her room. She was still asleep her blonde back length hair resting gracefully on her rising and falling bosom. He crept into the room further and got into her bed breathing slightly on her ear as he whispered,
“I’ve been thinking…you remember that day on the rooftop?”
“Yeah…” she yawned waking up from the nice warm feeling of Michael’s breath on her ears. She never was a heavy sleeper and the fact that it was Michael’s breath just comforted her.
“Well,” Michael started with sincerity in his voice “I realize you love me a lot and I love you a lot but I haven’t really been showing it lately so…I think we should do the only thing I know to show my true dedication” he whispered a slight inflection at the word do and thing. She gasped surprised at his daringness tonight. Though he normally hung out with jocks she didn’t expect him to normally say things like this. The fact that he wanted to “go all the way” to show his extreme devotion faltered her. Blushing she whispered back
“Ok…I’d only want to do this with you…and I’m ready” she sighed at the last part as he started to kiss her passionately enwrapping her in sweet embrace. As they became further and further closer to the act of love she ripped his shirt off revealing…
She gasped, this wasn’t Michael but as soon as she had gasped the razor sharp black nails of Dante had tore down her back making her scream in pain. He thrashed at her throat, slitting it as crimson blood began to spurt out. Teal tears came down her eyes into her throat as she gasped for air. Finally with a mad laugh Dante tore out her eyes as she breathed her last breath.
Michael gasped as he heard the last bit of the story. So Dante had fallen in love with Clarice and out of spite had slashed her throat and killed her just because she did not love Dante. Michael screamed in agony rushing at Dante with his holy golden sword. Black storm clouds bellowed in almost suddenly flashing lighting across the sky. Dante moved quickly to avoid the sword slashing at Michael’s back. Michael had not moven quickly enough for just as Dante had slashed into his back Dante tore out Michael’s heart. The world started to go fuzzy for Michael has his wings became black and began to shed. The demon stood over Michael his red eyes gazing with satisfaction as he laughed holding the heart impaled on Dante’s black fingernails high towards heaven. The Demon screamed with pleasure
“You see?! Even I Dante have defeated an angel! Nothing is above me! Only my master and me at his right side!” the demon cackled away. Michael stretched out his tan muscular arm towards the heaven as the rain began to pour down upon his beautiful face. He cried as he said
“Why God? Why hast thou forsaken me?” whispered Michael and with his final breath he stared into the demon’s red eyes meeting them with his blue eyes before everything went black.
Beatus nos abbas, pro in vos nos totus victum nex:
bless us father, for in you we all conquer death.

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