Mirella's story

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ok this is more like a begining of a story but i'll add later...it's a story of a man's obsession and how he's willing to travel across the globe to keep his "love"

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



“DAMNIT HOW COULD YOU LET HER SLIP FROM YOUR SIGHTS?! ARE YOU MEN BLIND?!” Jean Claude yelled his graying hair waving around in anger sweat dripping down his face. His midnight black horse stamped its foot tired of just standing there as it breathed from his large nostrils cold air. Jean Claude stared directly at the captain disappointed that his apprentice could let such vermin escape under his very nose. For god’s sake she was just a disgusting gypsy. He whipped his horse causing it to stomp off, as his brown eyes glazing over with fury the men couldn’t comprehend how that cockroach of a girl could possibly ruin his reputation. He stomped off towards the river front…she couldn’t have gotten far.
Mirella silenced her breathing, hearing Jean Claude’s yelling nearby. Her tattered shawls hanging off of her raven hair and her emerald dress being ripped from running did not help her situation as she started to shiver the white snow around her almost like a blanket of death. She had been trapped for 3 weeks in that damned house of Jean Claude’s and only in Jean’s moment of temptation had she managed to escape. Seducing men, a talent she despised, was her only advantage in the situation. He called himself a holy man but even Jean Claude gave into temptation. She laughed at the very fact that the royal family even respected him as an advisor. Clack, Clack, went the dark horse’s feet as Mirella’s heart started to beat harder. Jean Claude was close, too close and it scared her. Would she be trapped again?
Mirella sighed he appeared to be leaving down another alley. She picked herself up and as quietly as she could began to walk towards the river stepping lightly as to avoid slipping on any ice. Winter in Russia was harsh but persecution against the gypsies was harsher. Jean Claude was a foreigner, a protégée learning theology at the Universities of Paris, France sent to the Tsarina to advise her on theological matters courtesy of the French King. He believed all were corrupt but that the most corrupt were the gypsies; after all they were just “wasted space”. Perhaps that’s why he ordered the massive cleansing of the west districts slicing the gypsy population in St. Petersburg in half. That didn’t stop the man from giving into his carnal desires. Ordering his guard to arrest Mirella was only the beginning of many sets of “pleasure” tortures the man would enact upon Mirella. Perhaps that’s why she screamed when she felt his cold lanky fingers squeeze upon her shoulder “Why hello Mirella, my, my, why would a young lady like you be out here in the cold of night, by yourself, without, even a cloak?” Jean Claude growled threateningly. Mirella spat at the man whom had caused her so much pain as she spoke harshly “Why would you wish to know…” and then after thinking she mockingly added “oh master?”
“Now Mirella, must we honestly be this childish? Why don’t I just take you back to…?”
“Ha! Take me back?! Are you mad? Why would I EVER want to be with FILTH like you ever again?”
“And so the disgusting gypsy cockroach comes out of your sweet pale face” he said as he reached out to feel her cheek, but he was much too slow as she grabbed his hand and yanked him straight off the horse throwing him into the soft powdery white snow. Then grabbing the black horse’s reigns she threw herself upon it and running towards the outer gates of the city she screamed with joy, she had finally escaped his cold ugly clutches.

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