o prince of hearts

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a period of mixed feelings

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



you lose your way

once again

giving up to the other side

he laughs at you

your so pitiful

why do you crawl back?

every time

when you know what happens?

the prince of hearts will take your heart

and crumple it in a ball

throw it away

and make you crawl

and yet you come back

beaten and crying

and he laughs

as you offer him your red heart

bleeding and sewn together

and he laughs

and takes it

rips it in half

and throws it away

and makes you crawl.

the others they sneer at you

disgusted by you

your hated by them

so why do you crawl

o pitiful one?

while they laugh

and complain

and break you piece by piece

they assemble you and make you crawl

only to start the cycle again...

make a stand for yourself

his inner self pleads

but the prince of hearts

never concedes

so he'll take your heart

if thats what you wish

and he'll tear it in half

and rip it to bits

and then he'll laugh

as you start to cry

o prince of hearts

why do u believe yourself to be

so high?

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