this child whom i have created

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wallow in the find your light

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



it starts within

works its way out

a snake curling upon the ground

ready to jump at its masters command

the hatred bubbles

ebbing out

a vast sea of shadow

how can he see?

this child of mine?

so clouded by darkness and cold

he sees not those around him

his vision clouded with goals

he cries at night

but they hear not his tears

for he keeps them secretly stowed

this child of mine

i easily created

to have the world for himself

he struggles each day

puts on a smile

but his vision is blurred with hatred

he envies those who thoughts he can hear

he envies those without pain

but secretly he knows

it will one day be his

this world so cold and cloudy

secretly he knows the world is his

as he waits to see the pedestal

and rise upon it upward in the sky

and clear the path with his hands

leading to sunlight eternal

eternal bliss

my child

my blessing

my curse

my child forgotten

my child forseen

you see you saw my child

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