Deceived and the Damned

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Based on what i went through last fall and winter. Johnny "Me" lol i like other names though

It all started in mid november 2011 when a young fella named Johnny went to his friends birthday party. He was walking around the back of his friends house to start a nice fire with everyone. As he was starting the fire he looked up and saw what he thought was  the most beautiful girl he had ever layed his eyes on. Her name was Brook, and she sure was beautiful. She wasnt the happiest person he soon found out because at the party they were both up til six in the morning talking to each other. Johnny thought to himself as they were talking, "Wow, she is so great! i mean shes funny, shes not the happiest person alive but i want to make her happy" because she has had a teriible past with her last boyfriend. About two days after the party Johnny worked up all of his self confidence to ask her to go on a walk or just hangout with him. Brook said, "Sorry but I cant" so they just called each other and had 3 hour conversations almost every night. Then one day Johnny was talking to his best friend who is practically his brother. His name is Daniel. All of the girls liked him. Everywhere Johnny and him went they all would flirt with him. He was the guitar player in Johnnys band. When Johnny was talking to Daniel he told Daniel how great Brook was, and how she made johnny feel like the happiest guy who has ever lived. Johnny said to Daniel, "I think im gonna ask her out. It feels like the right time to do it." Daniel Supported him in every way, and said he was happy for Johnny. When December came, their band had a practice. Johnnys band had made excellent progress in that practice, and what made it better for Johnny was that Brook was there. Once breaktime came everyone goes out for a cigarette and Brook went with daniel outside around the corner were they all have "Breaktime." Johnny walked out the door and started making his way twoards the corner to go in the ally were they all smoked. He had his head down to light his cigarette and once he looked up he opened his eyes and there in the back corner of the alley was Daniel and Brook Kissing and hugging each other. Johnny stood there speechless. Brook and Daniel just stared at him as the motionless abyss that they thought was Johnny just stood there. Johnny had the pain in his throat and a small tear dripped from his eye. Johnny was no more. He just stood there for ten minutes. Eventually Brook and Daniel went inside as Johnny just sat down in the snow until his friend tyler came out to get him. Johnny was gone. His body was there but Johnny himself was somewhere else. Tyler asked "Are you ok?" Johnny didnt reply. Then Tyler asked again and Johnny came back and said "Kill me..... please just Kill me." At that moment in time Tyler touched Johnny on the shoulder and Johnny just sprung up and went on a rampage! He punched the brick wall until his knuckles started bleeding and banged his head on the wall until he fell. The boy was killed on the inside. Johnny soon went back in only to find out that everyone saw his rampage from inside a window. After that night Johnny was never the same, and Daniel and Brook continued coming to practice together. The things they did at practice tourtured Johnny and he never talked to anyone. the only form of talking was when he had to do vocals for his band. Johnny was never the same person he used to be


Submitted: June 14, 2012

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