Extreme Writer`s block

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This is a story that I made in grade seven. It is the story that I based Just One Big Misunderstanding on. Comment if you see the connection between this story and Just One Big Misunderstanding!

Submitted: April 29, 2016

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Submitted: April 29, 2016



“How do they expect me to get this done by Tuesday!?” Nathaniel screamed. “I haven’t even started!!” Nathaniel was a tall, burly man, with long, blonde hair, and a well groomed moustache and beard. He was a famous author, so he always wore a fancy suit. “All of my ideas won’t work! I’ve used them all! The romance one won’t sell, the action one was too boring, the suspenseful one was too cliché, and the horror one wasn’t scary!” Of all his books, the last couple were the worst he has ever attempted. He has never, in all his life, had such a bad year. All of his best ideas have been used, and he was starting to lose everything. The only thing that he kept were the annoying interviews, saying things like “What happened to your fame?” and “Where are all of your ideas? Where have they gone?”, and the only thing that was remotely good were his suits. Comfortable, fashionable… He was going absolutely crazy, sick of all the things that have been happening to him.  And the worst part was that he was expected to write a whole book in only three days! He originally had four months, but none of his ideas worked. He had to get to work, and fast.
In the next two hours, the only thing Nathaniel achieved was a sandwich, and these seven words, “Now George was a nice man, but” This was too much for him. He restarted. “In the beginning, they thought George was innocent.” That would wreck the suspense, Nathaniel thought. He threw the scribbled on page right in the trash that was now completely full. It was another three hours before Nathaniel fell asleep, right on the words, “George couldn’t sleep. There was too much action that day.” 
“Oi, wake up mate!” Nathaniel woke up. He felt the sun beating down on his now sunburnt face. It was hot, and dry. He was sweating harshly in his beautiful suit. “Who are you?” remarked Nathaniel. “My name’s Oliver. What’s yours?” Oliver was pretty short, and also thin, and he had a thick Australian accent. He was wearing a beige explorer costume. “Ummm… Nathaniel…” Nathaniel was confused. How did he get there? Who was this “Oliver” guy? Oliver budged in. “Hey, can I call you Nate?” “Sure… How did I get here?” “I don’t know. I just found you ‘ere, mate.” Nathaniel was even more confused. He just wanted to go home, and probably dry clean his suit. Oliver, on the other hand, was glad Nathaniel was there. An exploring buddy! And, when they weren’t exploring, they could just be normal buddies! “Hey,” Oliver exclaimed excitedly, “would you like to explore ‘The Cave’ with me?” “Sure?” Nathaniel was worried. What cave? “Is it dark, or small, or have spiders?” “All of ‘em. But don’t worry, Nate, my mate. You’re not afraid are you?” “I’m not afraid at all. I’m just curious.” But Nathaniel was afraid. Of all of them.
The cave was in fact dark, small, and full of spiders. “You go first,” Oliver whispered, hopefully. There was a long argument, but in the end, Oliver went first. During the long debate, Nathaniel finally told the truth about his fears. Poor Oliver. He also didn’t like spiders. He was hoping that Nathaniel would go first. When Nathaniel tried to go in, he could barely fit. The whole time they were in the cave, they had to crawl, and Nathaniel didn’t think he would be able to keep the suit. He knew it would get wrecked. About half way through, Nathaniel could have sworn he was pretty dizzy, but the whole trip was disorientating. 
“Do you feel dizzy, mate?” Oliver questioned. 
“Kind of…” Nathaniel replied. “Why?”
“That means we just crossed dimensions. Isn’t that great?” Nathaniel didn’t know what to think. He felt like he was going to puke. Was this crazy guy lying? 
“It’s also my first time going through, Nate. No-one has ever fully crossed through and lived. Isn’t that cool? We might be the first to go through!” Or the last ones to try.  “What!? How did you get me into this mess? Look! My suit is destroyed!” Nathaniel started continuously screaming, popping Oliver’s ear drums.
“Relax! I’m sure they just stayed there because they loved it so much. Now be quiet. You’ll wake up the big, furry, hungry beast on the end!”
“I’m just kidding. I hope.”
The rest of the trip in the cave was silent, except for the occasional scream from Nathaniel whenever there was the small crunch of a spider, or when there was a spider crawling around on him, tickling his neck or his face.
Nathaniel almost squealed with delight the first time he saw the light. It was kind of blue, but he didn’t mind at all. His arms and legs were sore from crawling for so long, and his suit was wrecked. But he was disappointed when he got to the light. The cave only got bigger, so at least they could stand, but they were standing in cold, smelly water. And it was full of rats. Now Nathaniel’s shoes were wrecked, along with his suit. Also, the light was coming through a small hole in the roof of the cave, barely big enough for either of them, but it was the only exit. How could this be? It was impossible, they both thought. And the skeletons in the corner of the cave just made it worse. So that’s where all the last people who tried to cross it went, they thought. Staring off into the distance…
“Oi, anyone up there?” Oliver cried.
“Let’s go back” Nathaniel suggested. But suddenly, they heard a loud cry.
“You making the needing for my helping for you, sadiq?” It was in a thick Arabic accent, and it sounded like the speaker just learned English. “I making the helping for you, habibi. You make the wait.” 
About ten minutes later, they were out, relieved to finally see civilization. Kind of.
“You making the seeing of bones?” the man explained. “That was the killing of the bad people, so you making the good, okay, habibi?” Nathaniel felt relieved. He hoped none of them were the explorers. “The new ones making the living for you, sadiq. You joining them. They making the loving for this place, habibi.”
“This place is amazing, but I think we should go. The explorers’ families might want to know that they are safe and happy.” Nathaniel agreed with Oliver, but they decided to stay one night, so they could meet the explorers, and find out who their families were.
That night, Nathaniel couldn’t sleep at all. What about his fame in the real world? His fortune in the real world? His friends in the real world? And what about his suits in the real world? This one was pretty smelly. And his story that was to be done by Tuesday in the real world? He’ll need to be late. He could write about this adventure! That amazing thought made him finally sleep. If only he brought his pajamas…
He woke up, not remembering his dreams. Only the reality. Or was it the reality? He was at his writing desk, sitting up, and he saw his book. It was complete! An adventure story. The one genre he has never done, or even thought of! He looked at the calendar, which strangely read “Sunday”.  Who changed it? He was the only one who lived there…Anyway, He was back! The book was done! Nathaniel smelt a funky smell, and looked down. His nice suit was destroyed! Wait, his nice suit was destroyed?

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