One Minute Story III

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Well, I'm back again with a minute story. this is a continuation of One Minute Story II.V, which is a continuation of One Minute Story II. This is the last story that follows those story lines. Stay tuned tomorrow when I write a fresh, new one minute story! If you have any constructive criticism, feel free to say it, and you will get a shout out in the next story. I didn't get any constructive criticism last time. I will now take a moment of silence.

Okay, I'm done. have fun reading the story!

Submitted: May 28, 2016

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Submitted: May 28, 2016




We floated around in the anti-gravity room with eggshell-white, boring walls for about two seconds before a hidden door opened. There was a strange creature at the door.

"Elojsdfh oauhbf rh ldfighsfd jhaf!" it shouted.

"What he meant," explained Danny, the flute player, "was 'Hello, and welcome to the ship!"

"Woah," I said to Galena, "I knew he was an alien!"

"We all did," she replied.

The creature continued. "Kkajhbfga kjjfg uweydfgsdb os seurgsdfsohf. Slajgbn aljhdfdf slfd gsjfdg os esgjfsdfdgs."

And now Danny explained what the creature said. "That indirectly translates to 'We were bored, so we stole you to play us some music. Then we will return you.’ Of course that’s not a direct translation because you don’t want to hear the direct translation.”

Nobody liked the last sentence.

I whispered to Galena, “Let’s blow this popsicle stand.”

She agreed, stating, “And Danny, too.”

I took a second to process what Galena had said. “Let’s not blow Danny. We can ditch him, but blowing him is completely out of the question.”

Galena, yet again, agreed, stating, “And it’s totally out of the answer.”

We spoke to the rest of the band. They all agreed to escape. But none of them had an idea how.

I pointed out the teleportation hatch that had been there the whole time, and all of us escaped. Except for Danny. And finally, everything was normal. Or so we thought...


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