Altruist's Dream

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A semi-brief piece on my views of death and the void beyond.

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



As an atheist, many people ask me “how do you deal with death?” It seems as if people with “faith” can’t fathom facing death without some continuation of existence waiting for them after they pass. The lack of my own existence after death is rather refreshing if I have to be completely honest.

When I die, my body will begin to decompose. The trillions of cells that once intricately pieced together every fiber of my being will begin to break down and my DNA will begin to unravel. This process will continue until all that is left of Bryan Daniel Schmidt is a seemingly infinite number of atoms. Depressing you say? The truth is quite to the contrary...

All of the trillions upon trillions of atoms that once “neatly” fit together to form who I was will disperse to every corner of the planet creating new life, nourishing existing life and overall making an impact on the world.

So while those of “faith” worry about where their final destination may lie, I know that trillions of pieces of me will live on into eternity, forever having some purpose and some impact on the universe, however small.

C'est La Vie

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