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Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



The thing with people is they always see and know you how they want. They are so rigged that change isn’t part of them. You’ll make one regrettable mistake and they will forever hold you against it. I can’t blame them; It is human nature we all like to be better than the rest (we detest challenges), we prefer belittling the others.
Experience has taught me right that you can be anything in life but you can’t be everything. Just because you are a good reader it doesn’t necessarily make you an intriguing writer like me. (You think I am bragging? you are due for a massive surprise.)
Writing has been a part of me since I was 14 years. Back then not a single soul noticed, I have grown and improved with time. I can’t certainly say I am where I want to be but I can surely say I am at... that level where my writings give you goose pimples and butterflies in your tummy. This explains best why most of my colleagues are still dubious about i being the brain behind it all.
I have learnt to convert ideas into things which is turning out to be the secret to outward success for me if you haven’t noticed. I have laid a firm foundation with all the criticism thrown at me. I sometimes tend to believe I am a better version of my self in a broken mirror because I am capable of adding two plus two to give you five for an answer.
I’ve created a better self through writing and it appeals to most out there as fantasy and fictitious. But you see friends, fiction is a great shield to hide behind but when it ventures near the truth, it needs to be accurate……………………….

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