life's blessing

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......i witnessed my grandiez celebrating 60years of marriage and a turn of how i view life changed...

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



This past weekend was a memorable one. I was at ma grandiez place(commonly referred to as village by my people.). It was more of a family get together for us but a celebration of 60years of marriage for my grandparents. can you believe that?. that is a lot of years to even live.
The thing i love about these gatherings is meeting lots of distant relatives, people i haven't seen in years not to mention a few who enjoy your company because your from Kampala.
I am gonna save yah this lot and take you straight to the interesting part (Evening time when every individual is drunk with exception of me because i need my stable mind to recall every detail when writing exactly what you are reading now.)

TIME CHECK 11:36pm
The music is playing loud and the locals are dancing like there won't be any more music for them. i move on steadily from the scene and seat just a few meters. i keep on drinking mineral water to surprise my liver.
"Mind if i join you?", came the lovely voice just above me and i turned to this gal. If memory serves me right, she was the same gal who couldn't keep her eyes off me for more than 5 seconds even during the service at church. I gently approved her to join me.
The moon light was shining bright on both of us and she could clearly see the Mel Gibson look in my face. you see, i am fanatically driven and infected with an incurable desire to impress ladies.
ME: so what's yo name?
HER: Busingye Face Book (which literally meant, "peace be upon Face Book")
what a joke name!. but believe parents here when it comes to names.
ME: wow!, that's quite a name, well i am......
HER: i know your name, you are Bryan jonan. that guy who can't take off a week with out posting something in PEARL MIGHTY, some times i can't help but think your whole life must be depending on that thing.
ME: huh!. I'll take that for a complement.
she looks at me for a few seconds and i could clearly see that she had a lot of unfiltered thoughts running through her mind......
HER: so Bryan, you wanna have sex?.
Was that an invitation or a question?. whatever it was, am sure no Ugandan guy would have an answer like NO.
i heard my self scream out YESSSSSS before i felt a huge flash of water on my face accompanied with laughter to which i woke up to.
i had dozed off when my grand mother was telling us about how she had met our grand father during world war 2.
well, the get together it was worth the environment change. though i can't deny that i am glad to be back to civilization.

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