The Dawn Of A New Age

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STORY: 100 years have past since the great war with the Titans. Once the ancient Titans ruled over the world in tyranny until the six great kingdoms of the world joined forces and finally put an
end to their bloody reign of terror. The Nordics ,Celtics ,Olympians ,Egyptians and the King Of The Dead Anubis all combined there armies and powers and managed to destroy the Titans one by one
until they nearly destroyed them all.Each kingdom saved one specific Titan for the purpose of siphoning off their near infinite power to strengthen their own kingdom. The only remaining Titans of
the world are being held prisoner in the highest peeks of Mount Hail so the that they can never escape or harm another person again. This plan for the Titans and the rest of the world has worked
out perfectly so far but trouble is brewing in Egypt when their Queen, Isis, gets word of meetings between the Olympians and the Titans themselves. The queen starts to believe they may be planning
some kind of deal for the Olympians and Titans to team up and destroy the other kingdoms and convinces her King,Ra,to attack and stop Olympus before they can start their own age of terror. Though
the Olympians have a military and homeland advantage over Egypt, King Ra plans to use the Olympians own past against them and recruit Ajax and his savage Muradors in the Badlands to ensure his
victory. With each kingdom having their own reasons to fight and each having some sort of advantage over the others, the time has come for the war to decide who will rule over the next age, in
peace, or chaos.

Table of Contents

The Egyptian Dilemma.

So not all of the story or characters in this story are mythologicaly correct.

This is all a grand story i thought of and made up in the hopes of writing into a trilogy type book.

The 40 chapters i plan on writing for this website however will be shorted a bit without full detail.

i'm also planning on posting up other stories i have written as well so please feel free to comment and criticize,i'm all open to suggestions.

Enjoy :)
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Battle Plans

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