Terror At Johnson's School

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This is a really good story that many people are going to enjoy, of course if you like horror stories! This is a story that actually happened, but I changed some things because of the people that were involved in this. Hope you enjoy it, and do not get too scare!!!

Submitted: December 10, 2013

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Submitted: December 10, 2013




Based  on a real story. I’ve changed the people´s names to protect their identities and for the

families of the involved people. Discretion is advised…

It  was  a  sunny  day  like  many  others,  for  High  Schoolers  specially.  It  was  High  School

graduation,  I  thought  everything  was  going  to  be  excellent,  that  we  were  going  to  have fun,  until

everything happened. My name is Jack Skellington, and the story I’m about to tell you it is not a funny


June 20, 2007. Music was loud, everybody was dancing or swimming, talking or doing

whatever they wanted to. I was with my friends, the popular guys. I was mean to other people, like the

nerds group, the freakies, the strangers, also the teachers. I made other people feel bad, at a point that

they wanted to get out of the school. My friends and I were going to make a prank to somebody the

day of the graduation, for the last time together as a bully group, but that is when everything started. It

was at night, everybody started to say bye, taking pictures, crying, and going to their homes.

“Bye Jack, hope see you again one day.” Stacey said.

“Bye Stacey, hope you have a great summer.”

“Okey so now that almost everybody is gone, its time to do it, are you guys with me?”

“Mmmm I don’t know, what if somebody catches us?” Ronald said.

“Oh stop being so pussy Ronald, we are no longer students, we are free to do whatever we

want.” John Said.

“I’m with you Jack, I can’t wait to do it, Tommy is going to piss his pants.” Ryan said.

“I’m with you,” Alexander said.

“Count with me,” John said.

“So you are the only one missing Ronald, are you coming or not?” Jack said.

“Okey, just because it may be the last time we do this kind of stuff as a group.” Ronald said.

They went straight where Tommy was, and they took him by the back taking and putting him on

the maintenance closet, locking him throughout the night.

“Please let me out!” Tommy said frightened.

“Hahaha, you are gonna stay there forever.” Jack said.

The hours passed, Jack and his friends were messing around the school, doing vandalism at the

school, graffiting the classrooms, writing things about teachers. They were all in a classroom, drinking,

smoking, laughing about what they did. When suddenly the room’s door smashed by itself. For a

moment there was a deep silence.

“Hahaha so funny Tommy,” John said sarcastically.

Then, they went to check out the maintenance closet, Tommy wasn’t there. They went to the

cafeteria area, and they heard steps. It was getting louder and louder, then it stopped.

“What is going on!” Ronald said.

“Its just because we are already drunk or maybe we are high. We should get out of here.”

Alexander said.

They went to the exit, it was just a simple door, when they opened they never imagine what was

going to happen. They never believed it, it was like if they were entering the school, not going out.

“This is impossible, this cannot be happening.” Ryan said.

It was like a vision, a curse. Suddenly the darkness of the night was different. It was creeper,

and just in a flash the 5 friends heard a voice that said singing like a sweet little girl:

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, I wanna play with you guys, 6,7, once again maybe somebody will die today, 8,

9, the last one is ten the game starts right now!”

The 5 friends started to freak out, but Jack decided that they should split up to find the exit.

Ronald went to the Elementary area, he checked every classroom for an exit. But also he was looking

for Tommy, because Ronald thought that maybe he knew what was going on. He was going to check

out the down floor of the Elementary School, but when he was going down the stairs, someone pushed

him rolling down the 30 steps letting him unconscious. John went to check out the cafeteria, when he

was there he started to hear some laughs, that in a sudden turn into a creepy voice of a girl saying:

“I’m going to get you, I’m going to get you.”

“Who is there, what do you want!” John said.

The objects started flying, chairs, forks, spoons, vessels, John was freaking out.

“Stop it! What have I done!”

And suddenly a dish slammed on his head, leaving him knocked on the floor. Similar things

happened to the rest of the group. The time passed, they were all knocked and locked on room 30.  At

3:00 am something weird happened, they all woke up at the same time screaming, terrified.  They were

all talking about a dream that they had, it was a dream about a little girl that in their dream killed them.

They were totally freaked out. They decided that to end this they should find Tommy and in order to do

that they should find the ghost girl. They splitted up, Jack and John went together and Ryan, Ronald and

Alexander were in other group.  Jack and John went to the High School area, entering in every single


“Is there somebody with us?” Jack yelled out.

“Can you give us a sign” John said after Jack.

There was a deep silence on the classrooms, nothing happened, not even a sound, or the

quietest sound. They look each other and the said the same words once again:

“Is there somebody with us?” Jack said.

“Can you give us a…”

But before John could even end his phrase something happened. All the desks and chairs of the

classroom started to move awkwardly. Up and down making a lot of noise.

“John I think we found her,” Jack said.

“Yeah, I guess so. I don’t think this is going to end well.” John replied.

And by the time he said that everything stopped, but this time it was even creepier the silence. It

was a dead silence, the climate in that room changed drastically. It was like a cooler, their faces turned

blue from the cold that it was inside there.

“This is just the beginning,” The ghost girl said.

Jack and John stayed horrified, John started to have illusions, he saw hands coming out of the

walls, literally hands. He got close to the whiteboard and suddenly something just grabbed him and he

got inside the whiteboard.

“John can you hear me! where are you! Please John answer me!” Jack said shocked.

“Hahahaha, you will never see him again. He is in a better place now.  You and your friends are

next. You need to learn le lesson!” The ghost girl said.

Jack ran away from there, he went to the Middle School area where Alexander, Ryan, and

Ronald were.

“Where do you think Tommy is?” Ronald said.

“I don’t know, but all of this is totally crazy!” Alexander said.

“Hey I gotta go to the bathroom, be right back” Ryan said.

The time passed, Ryan wasn’t back yet. Alexander and Ronald started to become concerned.

And they decided to look for him.

“Ryan are you here?” Alexander asked.

Nobody answered, there was not even a whisper. Ronald started to open the doors of the

bathrooms. When he opened the third door, they never expected what they were going to see. Ryan

was dead. Someone cut his throat. There was blood all over the walls of that bathroom, like if he had a

fight. His hands were marked on the wall.

“Oh my God, Ryan what happened to you, who did this!” Ronald said crying.

“We don’t have time for this Ronald, we have to go!” Alexander said impatiently.

There were leaving the bathroom when something stopped them, a voice, it was the ghost girl.

But this time she sounded different, she sound like if there was a demon inside her, like if she was angry

at something.

“It’s time, hahahaha game over! I won and now you are going to die like your friend Ryan and

John!” The ghost girl said.

“Wait a minute, John is dead too!” Ronald said scared and surprised at the same time.

“Yes! And you are next!” The ghost girl replied.

And just like John, suddenly they disappeared.

“Ryan, Alexander, Ronald, where are you!” Jack said worried.

The ghost girl by her first time appeared in front of him in a form of mist.

“My name is Samantha, and they are all gone, to bad for you, hahahaha!”

“Wait a minute, Samantha? Samantha Bowen the girl that committed suicide at the school 20

years ago?” Jack said.

“Yes, are you surprised? My soul was sentenced to stay here forever!” Samantha said.

“But why? Why us, what have we done?” Jack said.

“Close your eyes and you will see them again…”

When Jack opened his eyes, he was in a green dark room, with white curtains like if it was a

mental hospital. There were his friends. But there were standing suspiciously, they had their head down,

they were possessed. There was Tommy too.

“Ryan, Alexander, Ronald, John, Tommy, what’s going on? Jack said freaking out.

“They are no longer your friends, they are not even humans!” Samantha said.

He went out of there, he was running trying to find an exit. He saw a door at the end of a hall.

When he entered the room, he was back in the same room with his friends. They seem like they were

going to attack him. And all of a sudden all was black, he couldn’t see anything. And the last thing he

could remember was a voice saying:


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