The Grandeur that was the Smallest

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Small may be great.

Submitted: February 01, 2013

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Submitted: February 01, 2013



Things so great are often appreciated.
Things too broad seemed more amazing.
Things as huge as universe are considered grandeur.
And things as wide as the space are more significant.
However, things like those were nothing.
Nothing but a combination of small uncertainties.
Nothing but a vague idea without its origin.
A novelty piece is nothing without the paragraphs.
Paragraphs without the words,
and words without the letters.
An award winning movie couldn't had existed
if not of the videos.
Videos if not of the pictures,
and pictures if not of dots.
Without the cost of a note,
there's not a single note phrase.
And without a note phrase,
there's not a simple music composition.
If not because of sperm and egg cell,
there's not a single human being,
an animal in this world.
And the great universe wouldn't be as huge as it is
if not because of atoms.
Small things rarely recognized.
Small things rarely understood.
And small things rarely appreciated.
Yet small things as this,
had been the start of all great matters.
Thus, making those small things
not as magnificent as universe.
But as great as the tiniest thing in the world.
Perhaps, It'll be best to call those...
"Great small things".

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