The World Now Eats Flesh

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Science Fiction

Jake, one of few survivors of a zombie apocalypse, is looking for safety. His friends may help him or just die under his watch. He leaves the safety of his house, to find other safe havens, just after he kills his infected brother. Will he survive this apocalypse? Read and find out, and see the emotion played out, the zombies chewing up the "tasty" survivors, and the explosions. Travel across the infected country with Jake.

Table of Contents


MAJOR W.I.P! Chapter 1: Leaving I’m in my room sobbing. The scratches at my door are becoming l... Read Chapter

Old friends

Chapter 2: Old Friends It is now October 2nd, 2013. Two days before my birthday. I’m heading back to the garage, when I remember a ... Read Chapter

San Antonio

Chapter 3: San Antonio We've been on the same road for about 3 hours now, the fading green sign comes up passing us by," San Antonio-... Read Chapter

The Trip

Chapter 4: The Trip It's been about six hours non-stop, I think we are in Hobbs, New Mexico. I'm tired from what happened and just wa... Read Chapter

Staying or Going?

Chapter 5: Staying or Going?   When I opened my eyes, I feel like I did when the apocalypse first started, worried. Did any ... Read Chapter

Killing a New Friend

CHAPTER 6: Killing a New Friend I enter the house across the street, still without a shirt on. I grab my gun from the waist of my sho... Read Chapter

Birthday Terror

CHAPTER 7: Birthday Terror The barking continues, and I'm freaking out. I get up from the couch, a litte bit faster than normal. I'm ... Read Chapter

Entering the Country

Chapter 8: Entering the Country It's October 6th, 2013.  I've been 17 for 2 days. I left the saftey of the neighborhood when it ... Read Chapter


Chapter 9: Breach "What?!" I yell back, getting up as fast as I can. Ashlee gets up as well. Aden looks at here and looks around emba... Read Chapter

The Borderline

It's been 3 days since Bellevue in Nebraska. David is sleeping all over the backseat, and Ashlee is in the front. She's passed out and sn... Read Chapter

Waking Up

I'm awoken suddenly. I'm sweating and crying, the tears are streaming down my face. It tastes salty as it reaches my chapped lips. I feel... Read Chapter

All Out War

The pain is everywhere. I feel is craqwling up my body and down again. It's agonizing  as I drift in and out of conciousness. I can'... Read Chapter

The Long Drive There

I look over at Riley, she's looking out through the window. I can still hear her muffled crying over the loss of her entire family. I loo... Read Chapter

Unexpecting Sights

Everything is still pitch black as I wake up. I see my pillow is above my head, it's making the air close. I take my hand and remove it f... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Patrol   I was with my father for a couple of hours after that. He wanted to get off his shift before he could t... Read Chapter


Quick note ** This stems off from the book to the beginning of the apocolypse. This is told from Jake's father's point of view from what happened. ** Read Chapter

Dead on the Inside

I woke up in a cell and my father outside of them. I could feel the pain in my stomach. I looked at my stomach. I was wearing a differe... Read Chapter


My eyes open groggily, and I can feel the crust from my eyes being closed. I wipe at my eyes and slowly get up. I can hear my father an... Read Chapter


Kerri crawled out of the tunnel first. She gestured for us to follow by whistling a quiet tune under her breath. My father then climbs ... Read Chapter


I was awoken suddenly as the hail started plummetting and hitting the house. I could hear the door being pelted, and then I heard the g... Read Chapter

Get Her, Boys

"Pull over there." I implore. There is a 7/11 with a functioning sign. "It could be useful, Kerri." She nods her head, and slowly pulls... Read Chapter