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When everything you thought you knew becomes a lie.

Submitted: February 15, 2016

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Submitted: February 15, 2016



Not everybody is your friend but your enemy in return 

Sometimes the person you loved the most is bheind the trigger



Ready to blow

Away anything in its reach 


That joke about our deaths being the highlight of our lives 

We were teens then 

This glock ain't got nothing on my trigger fingers

Your bullets may peirce my skin

As angry as I am 

This chill exterior with a bottled smile 

Wiill shatter your ever existing bones 

Light this on fire

With my rage 

Do you know what its like to kilt by me?


And torturous


Cross the line of a black shadow 

It will be the last thing you do 

I will repeat deaths upon deaths on you

You think this is a joke 

My glock has your name written on it 

Destiny ain't got shit here

Karma is in my back pocket

You will rue this day

When those bodies stacked behind me

There's nothing left for you 

But my face being the last thing you see

This ain't a threat 

It's a promise at work

When you leave this sorry excuse for a person behind

Don't forget me in the afterlife

Have my face as your external darkness

And my gun as a symbol for your betrayal 

Best believe 

Karma ain't got shit here 

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