school, boyfriends and cancer

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three words were given to me and i made a story out of them. the word were: Venues, cancer, and boyfriend.
a teen always made fun of and bullied is in love and finds out that her crush has cancer on the night he asked her out.

Submitted: August 18, 2011

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Submitted: August 18, 2011



The three words given to me to use in this story were: venues, cancer, and boyfriend.

A buzzing sound filled the air as the passing period ended and the last of the students emptied the hallway as classes began. Room 106 was filled with the sounds of talking, laughing, shuffling of paper, and the slamming of books in the ground. In the far back of the class room, at one of the back desks, a blond hair named Jocelyn sat with her nose in a book, though her eyes strayed. A boy named Jared, who sat two rows over and one row up, was doodling in his note book unaware of her gaze scanning him. jeering laughs reached her ears as she realized that they caught her stares. her blushed face went into her book and her eyes burned into the pages before her.

The students didn't have long to laugh and jeer for the teacher walked in at that moment. the class silenced as he walked to his desk in the back of the class room. the teachers name was Mr, Johnson, and he taught one of the sciences in the school. while he was getting attendance, a pencil was thrown at Jocelyn's head. the hour wen by fast after that, Mr. Johnson gave his student the chapter test and then put on a documentary on the planet venues. the film took the rest of he class period. when the class was over and the bell rang, Jocelyn was off to lunch.

the days events had not gotten any better for Jocelyn. she was tripped and dropped her lunch tray, pushed into her locker, her books were knocked out of her hands, and she sat in something sticky in her last class if the day. when the bell rang for the end of school, Jocelyn went to here locker to get her bag and homework for the next day. when she opened the locker a folded piece of paper slipped to the ground. she bent over to pick it up confused. her locker was one of the cleanest and she never had lose paper. she opened the note and it said in scribbled handwriting:

"call me: 868- 0997


her face lite up with the excitement of a five year old getting a piece of candy. Jocelyn ran out to the bus like it was the last day of school. the bus ride home went fast as she was tapping her foot in anxiety. when the bus pulled into her drive she walked of the bus and when it was out of site she ran as quickly as she could into her house and dance with the joy of a small child she held in at school. her mother was gone, so she didn't have to worry about asking her if she could use the phone. she put her bag on the couch and picked up the phone. it rang and rang before it went to answering machine.

"Um... yeah... well, my name is Jocelyn Smith. when you get this could you please have Jared call me at, 868- 7983 thank you," she said and hung up the phone. as she waited for his return call, she anxiously passed the house until her mother returned. after helping her mom unpack the groceries she got while she was out, she went to her room and tried to focus on her homework. at six o'clock she went and ate dinner with her family and then went back to try and finish her homework.

at eight thirty the phone rang, and Jocelyn ran out to the living room to see if it was Jared. as she entered the living room her mother called her name. she ran and grabbed the phone out if her mothers hand and then once again took off to her room locking the door. she at on her bed before answering.

"Hey Jared, Jocelyn here."

'hey Jocelyn, i was wandering, would you like o go out with me, ya know be my girlfriend."

"of course Jared." she finally got asked and she could finally say she had a boyfriend. her heart speed up and then skipped a beat as he continued speaking.

"okay, well, since you said yes i should tell you i have leukemia, the cancer of the blood"


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