Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife (A critical appraisal of Islamic faith, Indian polity ‘n more)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

On one hand, this ‘book of logic ‘n reasoning’ appraises the Islamic faith shaped by the sublimity of Muhammad's preaching in Mecca and the severity of his sermons in Medina, which together make it Janus-faced to bedevil the minds of the Musalmans.
That apart, aided by “I’m Ok – You’re Ok”, the path-breaking work of Thomas A. Harris and Roland E Miller’s “Muslim Friends–Their Faith and Feeling”, this work for the first time ever, psycho-analyses the imperatives of the Muslim upbringing that has the potential to turn a faithful and a renegade alike into a fiday?n.
On the other hand, this work, besides appraising the monumental rise and the decadent fall of Hindu intellectualism, analyses how the san?tana dharma came to survive in India, in spite of the combined onslaught of Islam and the Christianity on Hinduism for over a millennium.
Also, besides providing a panoramic view of the Indian history, this thought-provoking book appraises the way Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Azad, Ambedkar, Indira Gandhi, Narasimha Rao, Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Narendra Modi et al made or unmade the post-colonial India.
Possibly in a new genre this free eBook is a book for our times.

Preface of Strife
1. Advent of Dharma
2. God’s quid pro Quo
3. Pyramids of Wisdom
4. Ascent to Descent
5. The Zero People
6. Coming of the Christ
7. Legacy of Prophecy
8. War of Words
9. Czar of Medina
10. Angels of War
11. Privates of ‘the God’
12. Playing to the Gallery
13. Perils of History
14. Pitfalls of Faith
15. Blinkers of Belief
16. Shackles of Sharia
17. Anatomy of Islam
18. Fight for the Souls
19. India in Coma
20. Double Jeopardy
21. Paradise of Parasites
22. The Number Game
23. Winds of Change
24. Ant Grows Wings
25. Constitutional Amnesia
26. The Stymied State
27. The Wages of God
28. Delusions of Grandeur
29. Ways of the Bigots
30. The Rift Within
31. The Way Around
32. The Hindu Rebound
33. Italian Interregnum
34. Rama Rajya
35. Wait for the Savant

Table of Contents

Preface of Strife

Terrorism could be the heading of the running chapter in human history though strife had always been its grand title. Assorted terrorist groups to espouse their parochial causes have come to target
their ideological opponents with utter cynicism. At least they have an articulated grievance and identified opponents with defined terror zones that are amenable for containment and redressal and
or both at some stage or the other. But what of the jihadi terrorism! It matters little where we live in this wide world, and one being a Musalman is no guarantee either to escape being its victim.
Its madness might reduce us to a statistic of the dead or injured in tomorrow’s newspaper headline in today’s fidayeen attack. If left unabated it might one day engulf all of us in the Third World
War. And thus the significance of any exercise aimed at improving our understanding of the involved issues cannot be overemphasized. Well the origins of it all could be traced to the religious
character of the Semitic faiths on one hand and on the other to the historical hurt of varied hues in the subcontinental society. Based on the scriptural quotes and the historical notes the wide
spectrum of communal strife is captured here for a fascinating view in what is possibly a new genre that is un-put-downable. The theory that is postulated here is bound to impinge upon our
ignorance or bias and /or both for an informed approach in analyzing the scourge.
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Advent of Dharma

Advent of Dharma As opposed to the purported revelation of the God’s ‘chosen path’ to man through some messiah, which forms the... Read Chapter

God’s quid pro Quo

God’s quid pro Quo In what could have been the first irony of human history, at the very time when the Aryans / Namesakes were subj... Read Chapter

Pyramids of Wisdom

 Pyramids of Wisdom It would be interesting to speculate what would have been the religious tenor of the Hinduism and its early ... Read Chapter

Ascent to Descent

Ascent to Descent After their remarkable progress in spirituality and rationality, the Brahmans made an acknowledged advance in astro... Read Chapter

The Zero People

The Zero People While the Brahman genius paved the way for the Aryan’s intellectual superiority, the others of the land were denied... Read Chapter

Coming of the Christ

  Coming of the Christ Elsewhere in the world, in the land of Israel too, the priestly class of Levites, armed with the Mosa... Read Chapter

Legacy of Prophecy

Legacy of Prophecy “This son of yours will be a wild one - free and untamed as a wild ass! He will be against everyone, and everyon... Read Chapter

War of Words

  War of Words In the wake of Muhammad’s refusal to their overtures, the Meccans decided to remove the Islamic thorn from ... Read Chapter

Czar of Medina

Czar of Medina Hijra changeth it all – the agenda of the Messenger, the content of the Quran, the character of the faith, and above... Read Chapter

Angels of War

Angels of War It was not long before Muhammad in Medina had his eye on Mecca, and in the Battle of Badr, the Quraysh in disarray thre... Read Chapter

Privates of ‘the God’

Privates of ‘the God’ “Single robbers, or a few associates, are branded with their genuine name; but the exploits of a numerous... Read Chapter

Playing to the Gallery

Playing to the Gallery Muhammad, after all, came from an exalted family and all along socialized with the nobility of the Meccan trib... Read Chapter

Perils of History

Perils of History Napoleon was wrong in stating that kids should be taught history to enable them to learn from past mistakes for his... Read Chapter

Pitfalls of Faith

Pitfalls of Faith If the ecstasy of the Quran is the soul of Islam, the legend of Muhammad is the mind of the Musalman. The exalted s... Read Chapter

Blinkers of Belief

Blinkers of Belief Though Muhammad’s religious constituency was the ‘meek of the world’, as paraphrased by Jesus, he seemed to ... Read Chapter

Shackles of Sharia

Shackles of Sharia “Say: O disbelievers, I shall not worship that which ye worship, nor will ye worship that which I worship, nor h... Read Chapter

Anatomy of Islam

Anatomy of Islam ‘A single people refused to join the common intercourse of mankind,’ so wrote Edward Gibbon about the Jews, and ... Read Chapter

Fight for the Souls

Fight for the Souls During the middle of the 1st  Century A.D, St. Thomas reached India’s west coast of Malabar to establish t... Read Chapter

India in Coma

India in Coma The zeal of the Arabs to spread Muhammad’s word that catered to their innate urge to plunder, which for Edward Gibbon... Read Chapter

Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy It may be interesting to follow the Islamic fate of those unfortunate untouchables and other marginal caste groups of... Read Chapter

Paradise of Parasites

Paradise of Parasites The discovery, in 2,000 C.E., of a submerged city of 7,500 B.C.E. vintage, off the Gulf of Khambhat, would have... Read Chapter

The Number Game

The Number Game “If the Mughal monarchs had assumed their responsibilities as Muslim rulers and organized intensive tabliq or missi... Read Chapter

Winds of Change

Winds of Change The Muhammadan downturn in the 18th Century that enabled the dawn of the British Raj in India turned out to be a gods... Read Chapter

Ant Grows Wings

Ant Grows Wings Never in the history of Islam, not excluding that of its Messenger, was the destiny of the leader so providentially t... Read Chapter

Constitutional Amnesia

Constitutional Amnesia Muhammad Ali Jinnah got what he wanted for Indian Musalmans though in time, their Quranic zeal turned Pakistan... Read Chapter

The Stymied State

The Stymied State The Indian State with its dominant Muslim minority and its short-sighted constitution was destined to be politicall... Read Chapter

The Wages of God

The Wages of God The WE-THEY obsession of the Islamic ethos debilitates the Musalmans with troubled minds. While the ayats of Quran s... Read Chapter

Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur Peace being the ‘supposed’ message of Islam, the religion that the Palestinians and the Pakistanis together... Read Chapter

Ways of the Bigots

Ways of the Bigots The obscurantist self-destruct of the Muhammadans is a weird phenomenon as Islam has the compelling character of i... Read Chapter

The Rift Within

The Rift Within Based on the finding of its opinion poll, The India Today (August 26, 2002) had averred that – “In the past six m... Read Chapter

The Way Around

  The Way Around While the wise use their abilities as the building blocks of life, the bigots turn their dogmas into its st... Read Chapter

The Hindu Rebound

The Hindu Rebound The Hindu fundamentalism is a misnomer, coined by the cunning and subscribed by the naïve, which comes in handy to... Read Chapter

Italian Interregnum

Italian Interregnum When fate wedded an Italian, Antonia Maino, to Rajiv Gandhi, and ensconced her as Sonia Gandhi in his mother’s ... Read Chapter

Rama Rajya

Rama Rajya    When the euphoria of Modi’s saffron triumph had subsided, the Hindu nationalists turned skeptical that it c... Read Chapter

Wait for the Savant

Wait for the Savant  While Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita sought man to shed his ‘fear of death’, Muhammad with his Quran made ... Read Chapter