A Soldiers Wife

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A poem about a woman and her lover in the army.

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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Submitted: February 05, 2010



Do you know what it is like to live the life,
Of an American Soldier's Wife?
Always having to stand strong,
Forever pretending nothing's wrong.
All the tears we shed at night,
Cause our love ain't there to hold us tight.
All the time's we sit in silence and pray,
That God will bring him home safely to stay.
Or when our hearts feel as heavy as stone's,
Cause we are apart and all alone.
And out of all the things in this world we miss,
The thing we miss most is his kiss.
We think of him with every breath,
We know without him, our life is death.
Or when he misses seeing the birth of his son or daughter,
Knowing his sorrow, you hold on to them a little tighter.
Watching your children grow and looking them in the eye,
Telling them daddy's going to be all right and hoping it's not a lie.
All the special events and holiday's he'll miss,
All the missed hugs and kisses from the kids.
All the tears you cry into his pillow,
Dreading another missed tomorrow.
And hearing everyone call him a Hero, your heart swells with pride,
You say, Thank You, and smile to hide the void you feel inside.
He doesn't choose to be away from his family and friends,
But, without our Soldiers this war would never end.
So, do you believe you could live the life,
Of an American Soldier's Wife?
Knowing these are only a few of the thing's we go through,
Really though... do you think we have it better than you?

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