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Love at a video game convention

1337 Love

Daichi crept along the rooftops springing from shadow to shadow. He ran to the edge of the room, and plunged two stories onto the alley below. He landed lightly and quickly withdrew a sai from within his sleeve. He rushed forward plunging the blade into the throat of an unsuspecting guard. Daichi motioned with his arm, and two more shadows descended into the alleyway with him.

“They are mostly noobs, this will be easy,” Hiroki stated rising from the shadows.

“Karerawa yokunai, korewa kantanninarudarou,” Yuki stated.

“Yuki, do you have to repeat everthing I say in Japanese?” Hiroki sighed.

“Totemotanoshiikaru yametakanai” Yuki replied.

Daichi raised his hand silencing the two assassins. They quickly withdrew weapons from within their robes and crept forward. Daichi reached the end of the alley, and disappeared into the shadows. Several factions of ninjas and samurai had engaged in battle on the open street. Most of the combatants were noobs and consequently failed to survive the first thirty-seconds of their encounter. Three of them however fought skillfully as a team. Within five minutes the three were all who remained alive.

Hiroki leaped out of the shadows behind one of the remaining combatants. Without hesitation the samurai swung his sword around impaling the ninja in the chest. Daichi and Yuki darted forward toward the murderous fiend. The samurai turned to counter Yuki’s blow leaving his back exposed for Daichi’s sai.

The two remaining samurai charged, swords drawn. Daichi sidestepped nearly getting his arm detached in the process.  He slid behind the samurai, and thrust his sai into his opponents back. The blow had it connected, would have ended the encounter there, however the samurai had lunged to the side extending his life for at least a few more seconds.

Daichi smiled behind his mask as the samurai charged him. Daichi rolled backwards pretending to trip. Thinking the match over the samurai rushed forward eagerly, only to see the ninja disappear in an explosion of smoke. Daichi emerged victorious only to find Yuki laying lifelessly by the foot of the remaining samurai.

“You killed Zou, impressive, this could prove interesting,” the samurai remarked.

Daichi’s only reply was a nod, as he threw one of his sais toward his final opponent and rushed forward simultaneously. The warrior instead of trying to avoid the projectile as Daichi anticipated seized it in mid air, and proceeded to aim it against the original owner. Daichi slid under the swing of the samurai’s katana barely managing to retain his head. Daichi spun back onto his feet only to feel his own weapon fly into his chest. Daichi ripped it out while coughing up blood. 

Daichi sighed, “It can’t end like this not after how far I’ve come.”

Daichi desperately threw two surikens at his attacker one towards his feet the other toward his head hoping to buy time. None of the projectiles connected as the samurai moved with inhuman speed toward Daichi. Daichi leaped blindly toward the side throwing a smokescreen in between them. He rushed out the side only to find the samurai had beaten him there. Daichi never felt the katana sever his head from the rest of his body.


“No! How is this possible? I was so close,” Daichi yelled, standing up from his computer.

“Calm down Daichi, we got second we’re still in the next round” Hiroki stated trying to calm his friend down.

“Where is the group that beat us?” Daichi asked furiously.

“Over there,” Hiroki stated pointing toward a table bearing a flag, with a blue and red symbol resembling the ying yang logo with several lines encircling it.

“Asokodesu,” Yuki stated pointing toward the same table. 

“Yuki, you’re British, stop talking in Japanese. I understand English, that’s why I’m in England right now.  If you want to speak Japanese move to Japan. Besides your accent is horrible I can hardly understand you,” Hiroki stated irritated.

“Oh and you’re so skilled at speaking English. You speak like a bloody Australian,” Yuki retorted sarcastically. 

Daichi shook his head irritated; he didn’t pay a fortune to fly to England so that he could lose a video game competition.  No his goal was to be drafted into a professional team. Nothing was going as he planned. Daichi strolled up to his competitors table confidently. He wanted to see the face of whoever had beaten him for the next time they played Daichi knew he would emerge victoriously. 

“Hey, Daichi right? Good game man, I didn’t expect a smoke screen like that you’re pretty good,” one of his opponents from the table said with a heavy accent.

“Uh yeah thanks. Um who’s the one that beat me?” Daichi asked taken aback by how little he cared about losing.

“Oh Kasumi she’ll be right back. I think she went to buy some food. I’m Zou by the way and this is Kim,” He said pointing to the other man behind him.

“Nice... to meet you,” Kim said slowly and barely decipherable. 

“Sorry he’s not very good at English,” Zou said.

“Wait did you say Kasumi! I was beaten by a girl. Oh my god how is this happening to me,” Daichi yelled frustrated.

“What’s wrong with being beaten by a girl? Are you saying that we’re inferior?” Someone asked behind him.

Daichi spun around to see who had spoken. He was greeted by a beautiful girl holding a box of pizza. She sported black shoulder length hair which she had part of pulled into a pony tail, and the rest hung limply down to her shoulders. She also wore glasses which masked dark brown eyes, and a necklace that looked like the wheel on a ship. More importantly to Daichi than any physical feature of her was the fact that she was wearing a Godzilla t-shirt. How was it possible? He had never met a girl who loved Godzilla and video games before. 

“Well?” Kasumi asked tapping her foot.

‘Don’t worry about it Kasumi. He’s just jealous that you beat him. He doesn’t realize what an accomplishment beating me is. I think he’s just lucky,” Zou said calming her down.

“Oh that was you? You’re pretty good. Don’t use the same trick twice in one match though. I already saw you’re smoke screen against Zou. Did you think I would fall for it too?” Kasumi said.

“Um… I’ve got to get back to my team,” Daichi said running away. Daichi walked as fast as he could back toward his friends. How could this happen he had gone over there to assure himself that his opponent had gotten lucky and that he could beat him in the next round. Now he wasn’t so sure. Instead of confident he was feeling something entirely different. He wanted nothing more than to run back over there and talk to her, but at the same time he knew that she had no interest in seeing him again.

“Just because I’m Asian doesn’t mean I’m good at math you idiot. Should I assume that just because you’re British you spend all day eating crumpets and drinking tea?” Hiroki said resisting the urge to yell.

“Hey what’s wrong with crumpets?” Yuki asked taken aback.

“You’re missing the point. Wait you actually spend all day eating crumpets?” Hiroki asked.

“Of course do you want one?” Yuki asked pulling a bag out from his pocket.

“Uh no thanks. Hey Daichi did you find the guy who beat you?” Hiroki asked seeing Daichi approaching.

“Yea she’s amazing,” Daichi stated without thinking about the ramifications of this statement.

“She? You were beaten by a girl. Was she hot? A girl, are you sure there’s some pretty feminine guys around here. Do you like her?” composed just a few of the questions that assaulted Daichi.

“Guys, come on, jeez. Leave me alone it’s nothing,” Daichi said several dozen times.

“Fine then keep your secrets. I’m going to go get something to eat want anything?” Yuki asked.

“No thanks. I’m fine I’m just going to sit down for awhile,” Daichi stated sliding into a chair.

“Um okay then. Come on Hiroki I’ll see if I can find a store that sells chopsticks,” Yuki stated walking off.

“I know how to use a fork! We’ve been over this a multitude of times. If you say that again I can’t be held responsible for my actions,” Hiroki stated clenching his fingers into the palm of his hand.

“Multitude that’s a pretty big word for a second language. Are you sure you’re not Australian?” Yuki asked mockingly.

“Have you ever heard me utter the phrase good day mate?” Hiroki retorted.

“No, but I did see you kill a llama with a boomerang, that one time,” Yuki replied.

Daichi watched them disappear into the crowd of thousands of gamers and anime fans. Why did feel the need to combine a video game tournament with an anime convention Daichi wondered. He was surrounded by three-thousand crazy people himself included. Daichi sat back and tried to get into his game, but his mind continued to flash back to Kasumi. He hardly knew her but he wanted that part of his life to change drastically.  He had never wanted to meet anyone this badly before not even Andy Wachowski the director of the Matrix.

Daichi sat lost in thought for half an hour before he realized how long his friends had been gone. He sighed if Yuki got them kicked out of one more tournament he was going to disown him. Even if that meant he no longer had a free place to stay while in England.

“I’m so sorry Daichi I didn’t realize what he was doing until it was too late,” Hiroki stammered running up to him.

“Son of a Spartan! What did he do now? Do we have to leave the building?” Daichi asked exasperated.

“No nothing like that he…” Hiroki started.

‘Hey Daichi, that girl, Kasumi, doesn’t speak Japanese,” Yuki stated walking up to them.

“Please tell me you didn’t,” Daichi muttered.

“Oh he did. It’s probably a good think that she couldn’t understand Japanese anyway after what he said,” Hiroki stated.

“Honestly it’s not that hard to tell us apart. I mean I’ve never seen anyone come up and ask you if you’re French before. Wait what do mean it’s better that she didn’t understand?” Daichi stammered his ire growing.

“Maybe it’s because I live in England not France” Yuki retorted.

“Um I believe that the first thing he said to her was ‘wow you don’t have yellow teeth that’s a rarity over here” Hiroki replied at the same time.

“What happened after that? Or do I even want to know?” Daichi asked.

“Oh I told her that you were moping around over here because you liked her for some unknown reason,” Yuki answered.

“I should kill you right now I’m sure any judge would be sympathetic,” Daichi muttered his hopes dashed into oblivion.

“Hey don’t be too rash she agreed to meet you for lunch at two-thirty over by the vending machines,” Yuki announced gleefully.

“Two-thirty that was ten minutes ago!” Daichi yelled.

“Yea well on my way back over here I saw a really shiny…” Yuki started.

Daichi pushed passed Yuki scrambling toward the vending machines two-hundred yards away. Daichi could never recall what happened during that desperate run after it had occurred. He faintly remembered knocking dozens of people down and crawling over several tables. The sound of a chain saw also got imbedded into his memory, of the occurrence. Somehow it was associated with knocking over a computer, and sending it flying off the balcony three stories below.

“Sorry I’m late; Yuki got sidetracked by something shiny. A frequently occurring occasion,” Daichi said slamming into the wall unable to slow himself down fast enough.

Kasumi began to laugh hysterically at the spectacle, “I anticipated that he’s British after all. You could have taken an extra two minutes two to walk over here like a normal person.”

“Yeah uh well I uh um needed the exercise,” Daichi muttered.

“Hmm okay then have some candy,” Kasumi offered holding out a bag of gummy worms. Daichi accepted the bag and took a seat on the bench next to Kasumi.

“So what brings you to England?” Daichi asked after several moments of silence.

“Is it that obvious that I’m a foreigner?” Kasumi teased.

“No! No, nothing like that just your friend Kim, English obviously wasn’t his first language. You also have a Korean accent, and um…” Daichi stammered obviously not catching on.

“Relax I was joking,” She replied laughing.

“Oh yea um yea,” Daichi muttered unintelligently.

“If my Korean accent is that obvious why did your friend start talking to me in Japanese?” Kasumi asked.

“Yuki uh he’s not the smartest person on this planet,” Daichi replied embarrassed.

“Yuki? But he’s British. How does that work out?” She asked.

“His real name is Austen, but he’s so into Japan that we call him Yuki. He’s a very strange person if you get to know him,” Daichi answered honestly.

“Ahh I see,” Kasumi muttered obviously confused.

“So how come you’re here are you trying to get drafted too?” Daichi asked.

Kasumi smiled and shook her head, “no nothing like that my friends and I are just visiting England for fun, and we saw this competition so we decided to enter. I’m not good enough to go pro.”

“But your amazing I’ve never seen anyone that good even in Japan,” Daichi stammered.

“Ha yea maybe over here but in Korea I rarely ever win,” Kasumi replied.

“Oh how long are you over here for?” Daichi asked.

“Just until summer ends, then I’ll be on my way back home where people have teeth that don’t make you cringe,” Kasumi answered. Before Daichi could ask another question the sound of a chainsaw resonated through the room breaking his line of thought.

“Where’s the guy who knocked my uber computer down three stories into oblivion,” Someone shouted through the crowd.

“Uh I have to go I’ll see you later,” Daichi stammered ducking down.

“I’ll go with you it’s my fault you knocked that over anyway,” Kasumi replied.

“As flawed as that argument is I don’t have time lets go,” Daichi muttered sprinting across the room with Kasumi at his heels.

“Hey you wait. That uber leet piece of equipment cost me two grand,” the chainsaw wielding maniac yelled.

“Hey man careful that was my arm they don’t reattach very easily,” someone in the crowd yelled.

“Forget your arm! He just hacked off my vintage life size Worf replicas head,” a disgruntled Startrek fan yelled. The crowd quickly became a mob which pummeled the maniac into a state of unconscious. Daichi was oblivious to all of this as he ran through the crowd leading the way for someone he considered much more important.

“Well that was fun,” Kasumi laughed when they finally reached Hiroki.

“Uh Daichi where have you been the next round starts in ten minutes,” Hiroki yelled upon seeing him run up.

“Oh I’m so sorry I completely lost track of time,” Daichi apologized.

“Well it doesn’t matter any way Yuki is in the hospital he was trying to learn to juggle by starting with flaming torches. It lasted all of three seconds,” Hiroki explained.

“What but we can’t enter with just two,” Daichi exclaimed his plans once again tumbled out of control.

“Relax I’ll do it,” Kasumi stated.

“But what about your team? They can’t play with just two,” Daichi asked.

“Eh they’re done anyway they considered this tournament too easy we’re from Korea remember.” Kasumi replied.

“If you’re sure,” Daichi inquired.

“Of course she’s sure lets go,” Hiroki yelled.


Daichi ran across the battle field clutching his assault rifle close to his chest. He jumped down a outcropping sending three bursts of fire scoring three successive head shots. Kasumi soon followed rocket launcher in hand while Hiroki waited atop the gorge with his favored sniper rifle. A sniper shot echoed through the field deafening those near it. Hiroki fell from the cliff a single sniper round had penetrated his skull.

“Damn lag!” Hiroki shouted as he fell.

“I’ll take the sniper if you cover me,” Daichi ordered. 

Kasumi simply smiled and hoisted a rocket launcher over her shoulder. Daichi jumped from his cover running blindly across the field trusting in his companion. Explosions echoed around him silencing anyone who attempted to stop his rampage. A click alerted Daichi to roll to the side milliseconds before a bullet would have entered his brain. Two more bullets careened off of the cliff while he got to his feet. One shot left before he had to reload. Daichi smiled this sniper was no noob he was holding off on reloading knowing that the second he did.

Daichi dropped his gun and equipped himself with only a frag grenade. Daichi ran from his outcropping toward the snipers location. He heard the fateful click this would determine who would live and who would meet an early demise. Daichi jumped vertically in the air knowing the sniper would anticipate him to roll again. Instead of entering his skull the bullet pierced his shoulder a pain he was willing to withstand. Using his functional arm Daichi threw the frag with surgical precision. Daichi didn’t even look back as he heard the explosion that would forever silence the sniper.

Daichi smiled Kasumi had held her own against the legions of combatants that swarmed the battle field. The smell of motor oil alerted Daichi to the presence of a tank nearby but with the noise of the battle he couldn’t pinpoint its exact direction. A monstrous explosion shook Daichi to his core. The blood drained from his face as Kasumi’s rocket launcher sailed through the air landing a mere ten feet away. Daichi ran without hesitations toward the fallen weapon.

Daichi’s fingers embraced the leather handle cover with ecstasy. He hoisted it up and fired three consecutive shots into the tanks hull before it realized that someone had survived its initial assault. The tank taken care of Daichi leaned against the outcropping to catch his breath. He never noticed the grenade that had rolled by his feet.

Daichi smiled as he looked at the computer screen. He had lost the round, didn’t seem as important to him as it did earlier in the day. He looked over to Kasumi who was smiling despite the defeat.

“I guess we’re not cut out to be pro,” she observed smiling.

“I guess not,” Daichi replied. He had lost, but somehow it just didn’t matter anymore, for he had met someone, much more important than any game.


Summer passed by too quickly for Daichi’s liking. Those three months had been the most amazing of his life. He spent every moment he could with Kasumi, and thought about her every moment that he couldn’t. However as much as he refused to believe it he somehow found himself at the airport waiting for her plane to arrive.

“Well I guess that’s all she wrote. I’ll miss you,” Kasumi said standing in the bustling airport.

“No the books still open we’ll see each other again I know it,” Daichi replied solemnly.

“Hmm I truly hope so. It won’t be the same without you,” Kasumi stated.

“No, no it won’t,” he stammered his voice cracking as a tear streamed down his face. Kasumi embraced him as neither of them could express what they wanted to say in any language. Several minutes passed neither of them wanting to let go.

“Flight t seventy-eight will be leaving in twenty minutes,” the intercom blared.

“What a way to ruin a moment,” Daichi muttered. Kasumi laughed wiping her tears away.

“Well I had better go, here’s this,” Kasumi said holding out a folded piece of paper.

“What is it?” Daichi asked accepting the token.

“It’s my email and telephone number in Korea just in case you ever feel like talking to someone,” she answered.

“I will always need someone to talk to,” Daichi replied.

Kasumi smiled, “sorry your video game career didn’t work out.”

“It’s okay I’ve been thinking about becoming an engineer anyway. Maybe I can move to Korea after that, I only have five more years of college left,” Daichi said.

“You’re funny,” Kasumi observed, as she boarded her plane, trying desperately to wipe away the torrent of tears, that streamed down her cheeks. 

Daichi stood watching the sky long after the plane had disappeared from the horizon.



Submitted: January 10, 2008

© Copyright 2022 bschaffer. All rights reserved.

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wow! Spectacular, who would have thought a video game convention would bring love! Touching ending, very excellent, keep up the good work!

Thu, January 10th, 2008 5:46am


I agree with laolsen. Very good.lol
cant wait to read more of your work! keep it up! ^^

Thu, January 10th, 2008 6:04am


Brilliant piece, I loved the ending, very well done.

Thu, January 10th, 2008 6:44am

cris x

i LOVED it especially:
"No, but I did see you kill a llama with a boomerang, that one time,” Yuki replied."
i was laughing so hard! it was hilarious
i loved your plotline.
keep it up

Thu, January 10th, 2008 8:15am


lol, wow. once again i read this, and its absolutely amazing! so beautiful. it had my eyes glued to the screen. I know ive already commented, but oh well. and i know what 1337 means now. i didnt before lol


Mon, May 26th, 2008 3:19am

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