Ultimate Spider-Man

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Jaiden Young.

Born in downtown New york.

Raised in downtown New York.

The Spider.

Catches thieves just like flies.

And he's in the neighborhood.

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



(Camera cuts from bird's eye view of NYPD building, then to a worm's, then to the interior. Camera finally meets a man in a ski mask, nervously tapping his foot against the ground. He then stops, turns, and pulls a gun on the man already bound and gagged in front of him.)


Thug #1 : Now! If anyone moves, you can forget about the torture, the me tying you up. You move, I'll just shoot you right here--save you the trouble. (Civillians shriek. Thug #1 holsters the gun, and walks over to his partner.) Listen... I need you to guard the front door, alright? I'll handle these babies. And you; (Camera goes over #1's shoulder,) go guard the back doors. Need to make sure no one gets in or out. I mean, it's not like the cops can come down from the cieling or somethin'.


#2 : Right. (Chuckles with #3 and #1,) You got it, boss. (Camera cuts to New York City skyline. Zooms in on the Spider. Spider's loose hand tightens to a fist. Goes black. Fades back to #1. Camera's on the ground by his feet, looking up at him. He's a nervous wreck. #1 still tapping foot on floor. Cuts back to the Spider's chest. The emblem almost glows in the moonlight. Fades back to #1. Camera's over head.)


#1 : You two -- fill the bags up with money. And no trouble, please... I really don't want to have to kill you. I'm too smart for this job. (Civillians drop to their knees, nod, and start to frantically fill the bags with cash. Cuts back to Spider. Spider dives. Camera strobes, circling him as he slices through the air. Strobes increase in concentration and... cuts back to #1.)


Civillian : You... you got the money... just please... don't hurt me and my wife. Please, w-we d-didn't do anything!


#1 : ... but I like playing god. (Mussel is inches from camera. Mussel flashes. Pans to #1's back.) Anyone else want to beg? Good. Keep your heads down and your whiney little mouths SHUT. Now I have to load these into the truck. If you're going to get something done, do it yourself. (#1 turns and stays close, yet out of focus, to the camera. Not paying attention, #1 doesn't notice spider slide down on a single strand. Spider extends his leg, and taps #1 on the shoulder with his foot.) What. What do you want?! I'm busy. (Doesn't even turn around. Spider taps once more.) Wha-- hmhpgf!!! Hmghpfff!!!  Hmmhgpghffffff!!!! (Spider wraps his prey in a web, and pulls himself up with it. No one notices.)


#2 : Alright... there isn -- where the hell did Damion go?!?! I swear to god he was right here!!

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