The halls of Regrail Mansion have aways been haunted.

Yeah, aw, i woke up to find somethng freaky today

My crotch was flat and my groine ached

Blood was everywhere, all over my sheets

My dog was dead and my cat was beat


So then I decided to find out the cause

Pulled up the blanket and dropped my draws

What i found next was some crazy shit

I started to vomit and have a donkey fit


My poor old willy was totally fucked

There were safety pins in it and candy bits stuck

It was like someone smooshed it in with their clogs

Wrapped it up poorly and served it to the dogs


Even months later when i walk the streets

I cup my balls and call retreat

When a nasty ass bitch walks right on my side

Next time i won't wanna kill that chicks pet fly

Submitted: March 15, 2012

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