My Little Kikoo

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Strong emotion can develop between animals and humans no matter what the age is. Brain hooks up and emotion starts working.
You don't have to teach them how to be human, you have to teach them how to stop being inhuman.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011




My Little Kikoo

Then I was in school 8th standard in Utter Pradesh, India. We used to get long summer vacations of around 2months May and June every year.

That year my Dad decided to visit Kolkata(known as Calcutta) to visit my youngest uncle in Hind Motors. Though I hate the weather of Kolkata a lot – it’s not dry there – full of humidity – that makes you sweat all the time.

The weather used to be better in the evening and everyone in the family used to sit on the roof and gossip on various topics and enjoy. My cousin  was working in Panagarh in a Bank. Every Saturday he used to come to the house stay for a day and early morning on Monday returns back to his working place.

It was Saturday evening, as usual we were enjoying upstairs, I saw a very small doggy slowly walking entered the main gate of the house. He was very small with thin dirty brown coat blended with a white tinge.

Everyone was talking so much that nobody bothered to look at that small cute doggy. He was so hungry that he could not walk properly he was trotting in a very unbalanced manner.

Ignoring everybody, I came down to the ground floor, then to the kitchen, pour some milk in a cup and took some biscuits also. Closed the kitchen quietly and gently open the back door. It was very dark there, I did not bothered to switch on the light because I did not want to take the risk of my family – as I was sure they will definitely shoo him off from the house.

For construction purpose a stack of stone chips were kept at the backyard of the house. I saw that emaciated fawn coloured buddy cute doggy trying to climb on the stone chips’ stack. All of  a sudden he realized my presence. He raised his neck and looked at me. Till date I could not forget those sad eyes.  Instantly, I served him the cup of milk and also offered him small pieces of biscuits, he looked at me and hurriedly started eating . Within a while he finished his food. While eating he didn’t bothered to look at me.

As there was no light there, I was confirmed that nobody would disturb him. All of a sudden he jumped on his four legs made 2 & half rounds and sat cozily. Quietly I went inside the house managed my Dad’s handkerchief from his pocket and covered the little buddy. By that time I nicknamed him Kikoo. I thought this name suits him best.

I heard some sounds on the stairs, I could understand that they are all coming down for dinner. Quickly I went inside, closed the door and hurriedly went to the wash room. Later on, after dinner we went to sleep, I was continuously thinking about Kikoo, I even do not know when I went to a deep sleep.

It was 5 O’Clock Sunday morning, I woke up. I found everyone in deep sleep. With tip toe I opened the back side door of the house , I found Kikoo playing all by himself on the stone chips  stack, the my Dad’s handkerchief with which I covered Kikoo at night was lying by his side. I called him by his new name, he looked at me  - a friendly look. He started playing with me as if he knew me for a long time.

With his front left foot he was trying to touch me in a playing mood. Whatever I was saying to him in a low hush-hush voice he was listening to it carefully and continuously wagging his tail.

All of a sudden I realized the sky was getting clearer gradually, I stopped playing. I went inside the house, opened the fridge pour some cold milk in a cup & took few biscuits and quickly went near him, he was looking at me as if he is asking me why I am not playing with him. I cuddled him on his back, without looking at me he finished the breakfast.

Now he was looking very fresh, his tummy was full which was visible from outside. All of a sudden he saw a fly which was trying to disturb him continuously. He was trying to catch the fly with his mouth but all in vain. He was busy with that fly so I quietly went inside the house.

But when I was turning round I saw a shadow as if someone is following me. As I turned fast there was nobody there – I was a bit confused- I thought maybe I am wrong.

I was totally unaware that someone was following me.


In the afternoon, I gave Kikoo rice & lentil soup. By that time I was very worried that what will happen to this small buddy because we were returning back on the very next Thursday  evening i.e. just after 4 days. I was sure that my parents will never allow Kikoo to travel with us. My childish thought was, as I was planning, I’ll manage a basket from somewhere and carry Kikoo with me by covering him by towels and cloths so that nobody could see him .


The whole day I was keeping track what Kikoo is doing. Most of the time I found him sleeping. Rest of the day whenever I got time I went near Kikoo to play with him. The whole day was enjoyable for me. After dawn I again served Kikoo Rice and milk which he gobbled instantly and within seconds he went to deep sleep. I covered him with my dad’s handkerchief and went inside.

Around 9 O’Clock I tried to locate Kikoo from the window grill, it was so dark there that I could not see anything, only I could see was the square white handkerchief.

That night all of us including my cousin, who was suppose to leave next day early morning, sat together and enjoyed a lot. We were chatting and gossiping on various topics, we could not realize the time. All of a sudden my mom shouted ,”It’s 11.30 pm, all of you go and have your dinner fast.”  We finished our dinner fast and went to sleep.


Early morning I woke up when I felt something hot on my face, I opened my eyes, sunrays were falling straight on my face through window. Hurriedly I jumped from the bed and ran to see Kikoo at the backyard. I was shocked, Kikoo was not there but the main gate was closed. That moment I thought may be Kikoo is playing somewhere inside the campus. I searched him everywhere in and around the house but all in vain. Tears came out from my eyes as if I have lost my treasure, I called him by his name but got no response.  I came back and went to bed, covered my face and cried like anything.


Morning was as usual, everyone was busy with their regular routine – Aunt & Mom in the kitchen, younger sisters and brother went to school, dad busy with his news paper.

My cousin also left for Panagarh early in the morning.  After finishing my breakfast immediately I arranged my suitcase. I was not in a mood to stay there for a second.




Days went by, Tuesday gone as well as Wednesday also, it was so monotonous.

Finally Thursday, the day of our departure, I woke up  as soon as birds started chirping. Before anyone can occupy the bathroom, I brush my teeth took my bath. Around 8 O’Clock  in the morning my mom served breakfast for me and for my dad on the table. The table was placed near the grill window. I could see the outside view, I was shocked! I saw Kikoo, a long rope was dragging from his neck. He was entering the gate walking drowsily, he was much thinner than before.

 I screamed  and ran for Kikoo, he came near the stone chips stack, he tried to climb on the stack of stone chips, I helped him to climb the stack. Without caring anybody I ran inside bought a scissor and released the knot from Kikoo’s neck, he was relieved. Again I ran inside pour some hot milk in a cup and took one chapatti. When I went near him I saw so many people around him- my aunt, mom , dad, my cousin and the maid. He was looking at me faintly. I put the cup in front of him, he drank quickly.

After that instantly he laid himself sidewise and looked at me helplessly. I offered him pieces of chapatti- he was looking at me as if he was asking me where I was? For a second there was no movement. All of a sudden jumped and snatched chapatti from my hand, he let out a tired sigh and had a look of resignation in his eyes. All his movement stopped, eyes open – he died in my hands. All of them standing around me were crying. Kikoo’s death has left a terrible void.


Later that night my aunt confessed, she was the one who was following me like a shadow. On Monday morning she tied a rope around Kikoo’s neck put him in an old air bag and asked her son to throw him far away. On his way to Panagarh, he threw the bag 2 miles away from the house.


But Kikoo knew that I was missing him, so all the way after three days he came back to say me GOOD BYE!! For ever.


Where is the Humanity? Why he was born?





By:Ivy mazumdar


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