I Am the Perfect...

I Am the Perfect... I Am the Perfect...

Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction



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Chapter1 (v.1) - I Am the Perfect...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 14, 2010

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 14, 2010



Hello my name is Brian Anderson, this is my family we are pretty close to perfect of you ask me. Why don't you meet my wife Beatrice?

Hello my name is Beatrice Anderson welcome, make yourself comfortable while you come into our lives and see how perfect we really are. Meet our children, our daughter Orchid who is fifteen, and our son Adam who is ten.

Hello my name is Adam Anderson, I love my mother, my father,and my sister so much.They are my best friends.

Hey my name is Orchid and those pitiful people are my family. We have serious issues if you haven't noticed. Let's go to my room where it is more private.

My family has been like this since forever, my mom and dad are really twisted people. At first, my dad was the real problem but now my momhas began to act really strange. My little brother has to pretend because he is afraid of our parents, but I'm not. Well, not anymore.

When I was younger my dad would beat on my mom. She used to tell me stories when we would drive around in the car, trying to get away from my dad. She told me how she used to be before my dad, she was kinda like a rebel. But then she met my dad, she used to always tell me don't stay with someone that hurts you. I didn't really get it when I was little but now I do.

My dad just wants us to be perfect, but he isn't aware that perfect doesn't really exist. But if I were to tell him that he would beat it into me that it does. He just gets so angry if we make one little mistake, then our world just comes crashing down. My brother got it the worse from my dad. When he was five, my dad would lock him in his room if he began to dry around company. Then when they would leave my dad would gointp his room, and all I could here was my little brother screaming for my mom or me to come and save him. I wanted to but I wass just so scared that if I did then I would be the one taking his lashings. I tell my little  brother everyday that I'm sorry for not being there, he doesn't say anything he just stares off into space like he's having flashbacks.

Sometimes he has nightmares and I have to run into his bedroom before my dad hears him. I rock him back and forth, until he goes to sleep again. We pray too, while I'm rocking him we pray the same prayer over and over again. "Jesus protect us in the nigt from the things we cannot fight. Be in our dreams and in our hearts, and we get older give us a fresh start." I know it's kinda long but it helps.  I made it up when he was five, that was the least I could for him. His nightmares were worse than. My dad would burst into his room and start acreaming at him to shut up. But when he would be done with his tirade, I would sneak into Adam's room and we would pray so he could go to sleep.

My mom changed recently now she is so much like my father it is disturbing. She is also empty, it's like he drained her of life or she just gave up resisting. I don't have my mom anymore, she used to sneak us sweets when we were in trouble, and she was just amazing. I thought of her as my hero until around 8 months ago. Maybe she made a deal with him, if she follows his rules then she won't get beat as much. I noticed that the terror levelfor her has gone done. But for my brother and Iit hasn't. It's mainly Brian who hits us. But sometimes my mom will, but everytime she does I see tears swell in her eyes. She has gotten good at fighting her tears though.


I woke up this Monday morning to my dad screaming at me.

"Wake up Orchid. Get your pathetic ass up." He's said worse, maybe he's getting better (yeah, right).

I looked at my father and said to him very plainly and with a sly smirk on my face as I was laying in mycovers, "Don't you have a job? Go to work and leave me alone." He almost hit me but mymomwalked in right on time.

"Brian don't, not before school. You don' want to leave a mark and have people asking questions." I think she forgot to mention that it is also bad to hit your kids, and go dads don't do that. Especially, not "perfect" ones.

"Next week, she can only pray tobe so lucky." Brian said through his teeth. Next week is Spring break for me. Yippee! Too bad I won't be able to go anywhere.

I rolled my eyes, and out of bed as both my parents walked out of my room, closing the door behind them. I got dressed and went to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my hair. When i finished doing all of that I went to Adam's room to check on him.

"Hey, are you almost ready to go?" I asked.

"Almost," he replied.

"How'd you sleep last night?" I asked him concerned. I slept like a baby last night and that made me worried.

"It was OK," he replied avoiding my eyes.

Are eyes finally locked and I asked him another question, "why didn't you wake me up? I would have come in here."

He looked down and said, "I didn't want to wake you. You are always there and I wanted to give you a break."

"There are no such things, when it comes to you. You're my baby brother and I don't care if I have to get up at midnight tobe there for you.I just want to be there. How man times do I have totell you this?"

He just nodded, and we both made our way downstairs to eat a quick breakfast.

After breakfast I walked Adam to his bus stop. Then I walked to mine.

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