In Those Eyes (You Loved ME)

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In a moment, all can be revealed

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012



You make me .... tingle,

With every memory of our first time.

The first time we .... looked at each other,

Ripped down to our bare emotion.

No veil to hide the once bloody scars,

That told the tales of our misfourtunes.

No walls to crouch down behind,

To guard ourselves from the pain.

It was the first time I saw you, for you,

The you who told me over and over.

The you who hung on to my every word,

My every step, my every breath.

The you who, though your stubborn ways bound your lips,

Fought to show me you could be mine.

The you I knew would always hold my hand through my dark tunnels.

With every ounce of strength .....

You bore your soul to me,

Your eyes yearning for me.

They told me all I needed to know,

They told me of your troubled past.

And how you waited for me, endlessly,

They showed me how blank you were.

How frightened you were in that moment,

And at the thought of loosing me.

Your stubborness torn away by your aching thoughts,

Your desperate longing for a tender touch.

Oh how you pined for my kiss,

The thought of calling me yours, yours now, and yours forever,

Fear poured from your heart through your sockets,

And with those eyes,


Ever piercingly stare into the deepest realms of my soul,

Tugging on my heart,

The heart that wanted you just as much but couldn't trust.

I couldn't trust you, or anyone else,

Bound in fear of disappointment.

It's all I knew,

It was all I expected.

But you made me feel hopeless,

Hopeless in those eyes.

Those warm seas I wished would caress me,

And soak me to my core.

I saw it all !

I saw your true feelings !

It was then that I believed,

With those eyes.

You Loved ME

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