siblings...cant live with them..but cant live witout them

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my brother is the coolest...sorry there are cuse words in it but i was mad today and had to get my anger out somewhere so i say my writing is the best way anyday....

its not a mad i wanna hurt u poem..just a i wish my brother was here so we can hurt pl together crazy huh?

he's locked up but is getting out a few months after i graduate from high school..and im a sophmore now so..yea

if u dont like it im sorry...but just wanted to get that out

Submitted: February 26, 2007

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Submitted: February 26, 2007



I miss my Brother....


If i had one wish

i would wish him home

lock im up under lock and key

and tell him Dont ever go!

its hurting me

but most of all my mother

because he is very importanat to our lives.. big brother....


i just want to let him know

that when i get in trouble

its because i get so mad that ur not here

and not have my back on the double

but no matter what i will always have yours

and i know u want to have my back

so i wont fight until i see u again

so we can kick ass!...well from what we've lacked

we have alot of ppl to fight

because theres so many haters

and we'll find them all

just like we used to when i had 8 years


and u had 15....

so ill be'll be 25

both illegal to kick anyones ass that stands in our way

and tries not to let us shine

to see a "brighter day"!

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